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1:1 and Group Chat

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You can send a direct message to another person or to any group of people (members and guests) in your organization.

If the user is online, you'll see a little green dot on their avatar. If they're not online, you can still them a message. 


Chatting 1:1 or with a Group

1. From the main navigation menu, click "Chat With."

2. Select or type the name of the person(s) with whom you want to chat.

3. Type in the text box, then hit Enter to send your message.

Recent chats will display in your main navigation, so you can start a conversation in just one click.

To hide a conversation, hover to the right of the chat and click the "x".


Editing Your Message

You have the option to edit or delete a message you recently sent. It's great for when you realize you have a typo or misspelling. 

1. Click the 3-dot menu to the right of your message.

2. Select Edit Message.

3. Edit your message, then press Enter when done.


Uploading File to Chat

Drag and drop the file directly to the chat, or click the paper clip and upload your file. 

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