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Set Notifications on Mobile

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Set Notification Preferences on Mobile

Enable Notifications on iOS

Enable Notifications on Android

Set Notification Preferences on Mobile

1. Tap the Samepage button at the bottom of your screen, then tap the gear icon in the upper right corner. You'll be taken to this screen:

2. Select Notification Settings to access this screen:

  • Everything – chat messages in teams you're a member of, and task progress changes for tasks you create.
  • Only messages for me – @mentions, direct and group chat messages, events you've been added as an attendee, task and event reminders.
  • Nothing – you will not receive any notifications.

To receive email summaries, tap the switch. That's it; you're all set!

Enabling Notifications on Mobile

Samepage can send mobile push notifications to your iOS or Android device.

Please note that Push Notifications only begin when you've been inactive on Samepage for 3 minutes or more.

To enable Samepage notifications on iOS:

1. Go to Settings -> Samepage.

2. Tap Notifications.

3. Make sure you have Allow Notifications selected.

To enable Samepage notifications on Android (may vary depending on your device):

1. Go to Settings -> Apps.

2. Select Samepage.

3. Make sure you have Show Notifications checked.

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