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FAQ: Retiring Legacy Samepage

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In September of 2017 we began the process of retiring Legacy Samepage pricing plans by converting them to our current Pro Trial plan, offering affected users 30 days of full access to all of Samepage's features. This FAQ article describes the rest of the Legacy Samepage retirement process.

What is Legacy Samepage?

Legacy Samepage is the original platform Samepage introduced in February 2015. If your Samepage account was created before June 30th, 2016, you likely began using Samepage on it's Legacy platform.

What happened to my Legacy Samepage content?

In order to help users transition content to the new Teams platform, all free Legacy plans were automatically upgraded to a 30-day free trial of Samepage Pro on Saturday, September 30th 2017. This was designed to provide time to explore the new Teams environment and import content from Legacy Samepage. Users also had the option to export Legacy page content out of Samepage.

For users on a free Samepage plan, any content created in the Legacy Samepage platform became 'read-only' on November 11th, 2017. This means that although users continued to have access to their content until March 5th, 2018, they were not able to change it. In addition, they were not able to change any sharing rights to Legacy Samepage content. They were only allowed to move pages to the new Teams platform or delete them.

On March 5th, 2018, Legacy Samepage was completely retired for all free plans.

Customers on a Samepage Pro Pricing Plan had read-only access to their content until June 18th, 2018, at which point all Legacy Samepage content became unavailable. We strongly encouraged customers to migrate their content to our new Teams platform using our conversion tool before then.

NOTE: Legacy Samepage content is no longer available for download. Customers on a Samepage Pro Pricing Plan had the option to download an export of their Legacy Samepage data from within the Samepage app. This export was available until the end of 2018.

A Note About Legacy Samepage File Sync

You may have been using our Samepage Sync tool to synchronize files to your computer. On Monday, November 20th, we shut down our support for this tool. By replacing it with our newer and more feature-complete Samepage Desktop App, all of your existing file synchronizations would have been automatically reinstated across all of your devices. Plus, it gave you the chance to open files directly in Samepage and a whole lot more. To learn more about the transition from the Legacy Samepage Sync tool to the new file synchronization through our Samepage Desktop app, please read this help article.

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