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Close Account or Delete Organization

Help Center > Articles > Account and Billing

You may be a member of multiple organizations on Samepage. If you are an administrator of an organization, you'll have the ability to delete it. If you're not an administrator, please read our help article on leaving an organization. By successfully deleting all of your organizations, all of your account information will be deleted as well. If you are not an administrator, you can still close your account simply by having administrators remove you from all organizations in which you are a member or guest.

If you are on our Pro plan and are thinking about deleting your organization simply to prevent paying for Samepage in the future, there may be a better option. By contacting us, you can downgrade to a free plan and have continued access to all of your pre-existing content. Our Free plan offers many of the same collaborative tools as our Pro plan. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Please note that if you intend to request a refund of any kind, you'll need to make your request prior to deleting your organization.

To Delete an Organization

1. Click the Gear icon, then select Settings.

2. Click "Delete Organization."

NOTE: If you are attempting to delete an organization that contains other members or guests, you'll need to remove them first. Please review this help article.

3. For security purposes, Samepage will request to send an email to the Admin to continue with the deletion process. Click "Send Verification Email."

4. Check your email account associated with Samepage - you should see a confirmation email to delete your organization. Select "Continue."

5. You'll be directed back to Samepage. Select "Delete [org]."

You'll see a confirmation message that your organization has been deleted.

To Delete Your Account

1. Remove yourself from all organizations in which you're currently a member or guest.

2. You'll then be taken to our 'homeless' screen. You may or may not see organizations you're eligible to autojoin, but you will see a link to "Delete account." Click it to delete your account completely.

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