Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.



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Winner of the Best Project Management Software Award from Capterra

"I highly recommend Samepage! It is easy to navigate and has multiple features that are useful in organizing my webinar handouts/presentations."

Winner of the Best Value Award from Capterra

"Our team could not live without it. I wish I would have found this sooner. It has been extremely valuable in sharing information in one place with our team."

Winner of the Best Support Award from Capterra

"The customer support is over the top amazing. Really friendly and supportive staff. My team and I love everything about Samepage. It has increases our efficiency and organization level 10x."

What is Samepage?

It's a virtual workspace for your team. Not only does it have a ton of project management and communication tools built right in, but it also plays well with hundreds of popular apps, so you can easily shape it into your new team headquarters. Bringing people, emails, and information from other apps together all in one place is a beautiful thing.

Why do I need it?

It's all about efficiency. You know you need tools for communicating, file sharing, task management, and general collaboration. You can either use separate tools for each of these functions or get it all done and organized in one place. If you're wondering which style is more efficient, we invite you to take our productivity loss calculator for a spin.

Communication & Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Now you can chat with your team as you advance your projects toward completion at record-breaking speed, ahead of schedule and under budget.

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video call controls
Group Video Chatting

Manage projects, tasks & calendars

Keep your teams coordinated with assignable tasks, recurring deadlines, reminders, and team calendars.

Take it a step further and post comments on any task or event to keep conversations organized and focused.

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Team Calendar
Task Recurrence
Task Lists
Task Chat
File Sharing
File Chat
Cloud Files
File Revision History

Share & edit files with ease

Share files alongside conversations, tasks, and anything else your team needs to get the job done. Edit them online - updates are shared instantly without blowing up everyone's inbox.

Already sharing files on another app? Well done. You can keep them right where they are and access them from your favorite Samepage workflows.

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Chat with the team from anywhere

Group chat, direct messaging, video chat - Samepage has it all. Skip the commute as often as you like. Skip juggling your inbox, chat apps, and video calling software for good.

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Voice and Video Call
Direct Messaging
Group Chat


Samepage doesn't put boundaries on who you can collaborate with. With secure and easy-to-manage sharing permissions, you can collaborate with your entire company on certain projects, a subset of co-workers on others, and you can even bring in outsiders such as contractors, clients, vendors, etc. Samepage can be a marketing agency's place to share campaign ideas and artwork with clients, or it can be a service provider's customer support portal. Samepage really is flexible enough to be exactly what you need it to be.


Samepage is dead-simple to use, but extremely powerful. Whether you're on desktop or mobile, you'll have the full suite of collaborative features at your fingertips.


Create teams to organize and share things securely with the right people.


Share all kinds of project content next to team conversations.

Video Calling

Chat face-to-face with 10+ people from anywhere in the world.


Chat one-on-one, with a group, a team, or members of a page.


Assign tasks with deadlines, reminders, and recurrence.


Share upcoming events, meetings, PTO schedules, and more.


Edit files online to share updates with the team instantly.


Add images to pages to create galleries, save whiteboard notes, etc.


Add video from YouTube or Vimeo to any page for easy access & sharing.


Easily add Google Maps to pages for better event planning.


Easily draw diagrams on a page to get the message across in visual style.


Quickly find teams, pages, files, or content within them.


Add surveys and polls to a page with a click for instant quantifiable feedback.


Display data in tables on a page without the hassle of opening files.


Turn back time on pages & files to see a full history of revisions made by the team.


See counts of unread comments and get notified of messages for you.


Samepage supports ten of the most popular languages.

Secure Sharing

Easily adjust who can access and edit content, post comments, etc.