File Sharing Gets Smarter on the Samepage

File sharing app
File sharing

File sharing on Samepage allows you to share your content in the context of other information and to chat about individual files. It's not regular file storage in the cloud: It's an all-in-one collaboration tool to manage your team projects.

Share Files in the Right Context

You’re probably used to sharing links to your files and folders in cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. That’s great if all you need is the content. But as soon as you need to talk about things you share, you start to jump between two platforms: file sharing and communication (email, chat app).

Samepage combines file-sharing capabilities with chatting, so everything remains in context. 

Project folder
Cloud files

Keep Your Files Where They Are

When working with Page Document on Samepage, you can include files from all major file-sharing services: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Egnyte, or Box. This way, you just link them together with the Page content, so all the project’s resources are accessible in a single location.

Or Bring Your Files to Samepage

You have three main ways you can share files on Samepage. You can upload your file to the Page Document, you can attach a file to your chat message, or upload it directly into the project folder. This way, the file will have it’s own chat stream and Agenda that shows related tasks and events.

File chat
Edit file online

Edit Files Online

Edit the most common MS Office file types online. Just hit “Open,” and the file is automatically opened with your MS Office app. Once you’re done, it’s automatically updated back on Samepage. No need to keep the file synced on your hard drive or manually download and upload it back.

Bring Discussion and Context to Your Files

The days of transferring files through FTP servers are hopefully gone. Now it’s time for email attachments to step aside and allow for more elegant file transfers. When doing real work with files, you need a place for meaningful discussions and to track the latest versions.

Shared Folders

Content on Samepage is organized into folders. Set them to visible for your whole organization, or have more restricted access. Invite external collaborators to just a specific folder if you need to.

Assign folder roles
Document types

More Than Just Files and Folders

Create more content types alongside the files you upload to your folder. Will that be a feature-rich Page Document, Task Board, Sheet Document, Calendar, Task Report, or Mindmap? Talk about files, manage your projects, or run your whole company on Samepage.

Powerful Content Management

With our Pro plan, you don’t need to worry about storage space. If you do, you can make sure where the data is located with content management mode. When enabled, you can access and modify all the content, so you don’t have to worry about some secret silo of online files within your organization.

Content management mode
File agenda

Task and Project Management in Files

As already mentioned, the file in a folder has its own chat and agenda. The file agenda is a powerful extension of how we’re used to working with files. In the file, you can create a task for your teammate to create a new version, or create an event directly in your PowerPoint slides, add auto-call to the event, and then see people join your presentation through built-in video calling.

Samepage Features For Efficient Project Management

Assign folder roles

Folder roles

Manage folder access rights so some projects remain hidden while general information is available to all members.

Collaborative pages

Samepage pages

Create documentation, agendas, manage projects, and run meetings, all in real-time.

Samepage task boards

Samepage task board

Visually manage your project's progress with tasks on a kanban board.

Samepage spreadsheets

Samepage spreadsheets

Create extensive spreadsheets with your coworkers in real-time and share them with others.

Samepage mindmaps

Samepage mindmaps

Effectively sort your brainstorming sessions in visual diagrams.

Chat in context

Content chat

Chat ensures you'll never lose the topic of conversation, be it a document, task, file, or anything else.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging

Hangout and communicate with your coworkers via direct messaging.

Audio and Video calling

Video conferencing

Call with a single click, connect face-to-face, and share screens.

Samepage tasks


Assign tasks to individuals or groups, including deadlines, priorities, and recurrences.

See tasks assigned to documents

Project tracking

Track your project's progress with visual indicators on tasks and task boards.

Code snippet

Code snippets

Document and share your source code.

Samepage shared calendars

Shared calendars

Manage events, task deadlines, and other dates with personal and shared agendas.

Share files on Samepage

File sharing & syncing

Share and sync files on Samepage or bring them in from Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive.

Inbox for notifications


Get notified about new messages, upcoming deadlines, and incoming calls.

Review document history


Track changes on Samepage documents with a comprehensive history log.

Track changes

Track changes

Track changes to make co-editing documents effective. Easily approve, reject, or revert.

Samepage integrations


Stay on Samepage and embed content from Dropbox, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services.



Automate and integrate with over 1000+ popular third-party apps via Zapier or incoming webhooks.