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Software development on Samepage

Managing an engineering team is hard, right?

You have a bunch of individuals, continuous feature requests, and hundreds of wrong estimates. Managing a remote team is even harder. Thankfully Samepage will help you with it.

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Engineers love Samepage. It's designed by engineers for engineers. You have incredible freedom and yet compelling building blocks to create your own ecosystem. It does not matter whether you are running Agile Sprints or Waterfall development. Use Samepage from capturing the project requirements, planning the next release, managing the everyday schedule to writing the project documentation, and watching over your product

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Samepage can be easily handled by Sales, Marketing, and Support people and so Engineers won’t have their own isolated island. They can work together with the entire company to achieve the best possible outcome.

How Engineering Teams Work on Samepage

Collect and Triage All Feature Requests

Every engineering team has tons of requests coming for customers, marketing, sales, and management. You need to capture these on pages, take a conversation in chat, and prioritize to figure out what to do next.

Stakeholders won’t be lost in the complicated engineering product, they can work together with engineers on Samepage. Draw use case diagrams and have a conversation!

Drawing workflow diagram
Release planning

Plan Your Next Release

Grab all your stakeholders, create estimates, and start planning for the next release. Create a page where you capture all the feature requirements as a checklist. Organize and prioritize them. Hold remote video conferences as needed. Samepage has all the building blocks you need for a successful and on-time release.

Organize Work into Sprints

Samepage Tasks Boards (or Kanbans) are perfect for planning development sprints. Use a Sprint template, create tasks into the backlog, and start your work right away! Not sure what to do? Just ask a question in the attached Task Board chat.

Samepage will remind you when a task is due or completed. You’ll get a perfect overview of what has to be done!

Sprint planning board
Watching AWS deployment

Be Notified of the New Pull Request or Server Outage

You have a lot of services you need to maintain to run your development process – GitHub, TeamCity, DockerHub, AWS. Graylog, Grafana, MongoDB, Stripe … It’s cumbersome to keep watching these services separately.

Create a custom Webhook and get notified of events from these services – new pull request, new build, new release, or new sale 🙂

Hold Remote Stand-Ups

It’s for the best to have a daily Stand-Ups meeting to get everybody synced within the team. When working remotely, it gets complicated. In Samepage, you can schedule an automated video conference every day and watch your sprint board as individual developers share their status.

Remote video standup meeting
Code snippet on page document

Keep Your Product Documented

Nobody likes to write documentation. But sadly, it’s necessary. Make it fun! Create an intricate folder structure in Samepage. Create pages, draw diagrams, put down code examples in code snippets. Take your product on the same page!

Capture Bugs and Support Tickets

Integrate through Zapier to create sophisticated bug reporting and support tickets system. Create pages, chat customer, and task engineers. Support will be happy they have feedback, engineers will know exact steps to reproduce, and customers will see the progress. Perfect!

Folder full of bug reports