Draw Diagrams Online With Samepage

Draw and Share Diagrams in Real-Time

Samepage is an online collaboration tool that lets you draw diagrams online, work with tasks, files, and documents. At the same time you can have contextual conversations with built in chat and video calling.

Create Powerful Diagrams

If you’ve ever used open source draw.io, you’ll feel right at home here on Samepage. With dozens of symbols available to drag-n-drop from the shape library, you can draw complex flow diagrams in a matter of seconds.

Easily rearrange, resize, and color your diagram elements. Your connecting arrows will be smart enough to follow your lead. You can even create a floor plan. Already have a few complex diagrams living in draw.io? No problem, you can import them into Samepage with just a couple of clicks.

Create powerful diagrams
Collaborate in real time

Instant Updates

While you’re creating diagrams, your co-workers see your changes on the page as they happen. No refreshing the page or saving as a new image file. On Samepage, everything happens in real-time.

Manage Access Rights

Sharing your beautiful diagrams is easy. Samepage’s adaptable privacy controls allow you to control who has access to view or edit your pages. Have just a few people to make changes and let selected others view them.

Bring in outside contractors, clients, and other business partners to work with your team, review files, and other online content.

Assign folder roles
Share documents

Publish to the World

Share documents with clients, vendors, contractors, or the entire world. Robust sharing options and permission levels make it easy to deliver without hopping between different apps or hunting through a cluttered inbox.

Samepage is More Than Just a Diagram Software

You can use Samepage as a diagram tool, but it would be a shame to not look into other things Samepage has to offer. There’s a plentiful of features for task and project management.

Samepage Documents

Samepage Documents bring content and conversation together. You can draw various diagram types in the Page document. Other documents in Samepage will help you get on top of task and project management.

Page Document Icon


The Page is our feature-rich collaborative editor where you co-author text, draw online diagrams, post images, or even make code snippets.

Task Board Document Icon

Task Board

Create columns on a kanban style task board and drag and drop tasks displayed as cards around.

Sheet Document Icon


Present your table oriented data to the team. Functions and calculations included.

Mindmap Document Icon


Perfect for brainstormings and to create simple network diagrams with Mindmap.

Discussion Document Icon


Having a channel-like chatroom for your team to discuss whatever you need.

Calendar Document Icon


Create shared calendars for your teams or projects.

Task Report Document Icon

Task Report

Overview tasks from bigger projects or from other departments.

File Document Icon


Upload your files to Samepage to get the advantage of contextual conversation.

Folder Icon


Folders help you manage sharing and bring order to the chaos of many documents.