Diagrams get context on the same page.

Draw and Share Diagrams in Real-Time
Draw diagrams online

Samepage is an online collaboration tool that lets you see diagrams, tasks, files, conversations, and other project content evolve in one place in real-time.

Create Powerful Diagrams

If you’ve ever used draw.io, you’ll feel right at home here in Samepage diagram editor. With dozens of symbols available to drag-n-drop from shape library, you can draw complex flow diagrams in a matter of seconds. Easily rearrange, resize, and color your diagram elements. Your connecting arrows will be smart enough to follow your lead.

Already have a few complex diagrams living in draw.io? No problem, you can import them into Samepage with just a couple of clicks.

Create powerful diagrams
Collaborate in real time

Instant Updates

While you’re creating, your co-workers see your changes on the page as they happen. No refreshing the page or saving as a new image file. On Samepage, everything happens in real-time.

Manage Access Rights

Sharing your beautiful diagrams is easy. Samepage’s adaptable privacy controls allow you to control who has access to view or edit your pages. Have just a few people to make changes and let selected others view them.

Even bring in outside contractors, clients, and other business partners to collaborate with your team or view your diagrams, files, and other online content.

Assign folder roles
Share documents

Publish to the World

Share documents with clients, vendors, contractors, or the entire world. Robust sharing options and permission levels make it easy to deliver without hopping between different apps or hunting through a cluttered inbox.

Collaborate on Diagrams in Context

Pages on Samepage are flexible enough to handle all kinds of content. You can surround your diagrams with files, tasks, comments, and everything you need for successful online project management.

Share files on Samepage


Share files on a page and attach comments.

Samepage tasks


Assign them and set due dates, reminders, and recurrence.

Samepage shared calendars


Share upcoming events, meetings, PTO schedules, and more.

Image gallery on a page


Add images to pages to create galleries, save whiteboard notes, etc.

Video options on Samepage


Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to any page for easy access and sharing.

Insert maps directly on pages


Easily add Google Maps to pages for better event planning.

Create surveys for your teammates


Add surveys and polls to a page with a click for instant, quantifiable feedback.

Samepage spreadsheets


Display data in tables on a page or in separate sheets.

Chat in context


Attach comments to any element on the page, including your diagrams

Inbox for notifications


See counts of unread comments and get notified about messages for you.

Search for any content


Quickly find folders, pages, files, or content within them.

Review document history


Turn back time on pages and files to see all revisions.

Start drawing diagrams in context.

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