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Document collaboration

Co-author documents with your team online in real-time from any device. Share documents, track changes and chat on various document types in a cloud-based team collaboration app. Samepage helps teams of all sizes communicate faster and deliver your projects on time.

Meet Samepage Documents

Samepage is built for real-time document collaboration. Changes you make are instantly available to the whole team no matter where they are or what device they’re on.

Samepage makes it easy for teammates to chat about documents. When people, content, and conversation come together, you have a perfect starting position for excellent task management and project management.

Samepage documents
Design specs for developers


The Page is our feature-rich text editor you can use for any project. Its collaborative document editing allows for creating blog posts, creating extensive project documentation, or sharing various materials. It might resemble Google Docs a bit, but Samepage’s approach to documents is more focused on conversation and features than formatting.

Page Features

Mention plugin


Link other documents or mention people responsible for a project.


Upload images into your online collaboration document. Have them standalone or put them together into galleries.


Upload files directly into the page for in-place file collaboration. Preview common file types and directly edit with our desktop app.

Cloud file plugin

Cloud File

Link files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or Egnyte. Keep your cloud files where you want them and just give them a context in online document collaboration.

Video plugin


View videos from Youtube or Vimeo right on your page. This is great for educational resources.


Present your sheet data or run calculation if you want. No more referencing a separate Office 365 file.

Diagram plugin


Create diagrams to visualize complex ideas and workflows. Or to present the structure of your knowledge base.


Create surveys to learn what others think. This makes content collaboration much more accessible.

Social media plugin

Social Media

Embed posts from social media right on your page. Create collections of posts as a mood board for your next posting.

Code snippet plugin

Code Snippet

Share code snippets with your team members. Syntax highlighting included.

Embed HTML

Embed charts and reports from 3rd party apps for perfect real-time collaboration with your team.


Write and share complex equations. Great if you work in a lab or at university.

Markdown plugin


Work with Markdown plugin if you need to export your content in this style.

Map plugin


Share locations of company branches or just mark the spot for the next team building.

Divider plugin


A divider helps you create sections on your page. So everything is neatly organized.

Page break plugin

Page Break

Helpful when printing longer documents. You decide when a new page starts.

Timestamp plugin


Great if multiple people are adding new sections into a page. Just add a timestamp, so everyone knows when it happened.

Task Board

Teams work best when everyone knows what to do. Create a Task Board, assign tasks, and watch how everything is getting done.

Marketing Task Board
Samepage spreadsheets


Improve your team document collaboration when working with lots of. While collaborating on the sheet, you can chat about the gathered content in document chat.


Create visual Mindmaps to break down broader concepts or to outline your website content.

Marketing Task Board


Use channel-like conversations wherever you need them. Create an independent place to chat in the right place in your documents hierarchy. Use integrations to bring in notifications from other apps.


Plan your content creation for social media or important events. Create shared calendars for roadmaps, PTO’s, and much more.

Samepage shared calendars
Task Reports

Task Report

Create reports based on documents and task boards. Have a quick insight into what is going on without visiting all the project documents.


Your online file collaboration – simplified. Just upload your files alongside Samepage documents and directly edit MS Office files with our desktop app. Share files the same way you can share the Samepage Documents.

File chat
Project folder


A folder in Samepage, the real-time document collaboration software, is a little bit like a folder on your hard drive. But it also allows for sharing at any level. Create folders for your teams and projects, and give access to team members or outside guests.

Document History

Your online file collaboration – simplified. Just upload your files alongside Samepage documents and directly edit MS Office files with our desktop app. Share files the same way you can share the Samepage Documents.

Document Chat

It wouldn’t be an online document collaboration software without chat. Chat on documents allows you to have a contextual conversation. Chatting on Page Document allows you to reference specific parts of the Page. So you can be even more specific with your commenting.

Document Agenda

Document Agenda is your project management tool. Attach tasks and events to relevant documents to give them the right context. This way, you can create a rich multimedia document with actionable items rather than squeezing everything into one task.


Meet Samepage,
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If you check out our pricing, you’ll find that most of the features are free. You can try all the great features in no time, and you only pay when you need to care about privacy within your team.