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Success Story

"We needed a user-friendly, intuitive, and non-threatening solution that was powerful, could seamlessly fit into our workflows, that we could afford, and would grow with us. We chose Samepage. We’ve been using it for three years and I can honestly say that we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today without it."

- David Sargent, CEO of YMCA White Rose


  • Fuels innovative enterprise-based programs that serve disabled children and youth
  • Standardized systems and processes, implemented best practices for collaboration
  • Seamlessly supports a wide range of IT literacy among staff and volunteers
  • Fostered the development of one strong, cohesive team from three different YMCAs


YMCA White Rose needed to integrate the systems, processes, policies, programs, and staff from three different YMCAs into one highly productive, coordinated organization. A “three-into-one” merger presents its own logistical nightmares, but the most difficult of them all is effectively and efficiently communicating and collaborating with a big team. Triple the document sharing on an average day and its three servers would come to a standstill with email clogging the machines for hours, impeding staff’s access to other content as well.

YMCA White Rose, as is true with most charitable organizations, also has limited resources — often working with equipment considered outdated by the most generous of standards. Then there’s the enormous gap in computer literacy — from younger volunteers who speak social media and wikis in their sleep to the most experienced staff afraid to break a computer simply by turning it on.


With so many duplicate, and at times conflicting processes, YMCA White Rose could have thrown in the towel. Instead, CEO David Sargent and his leadership team turned to datamills, their trusted IT services partner, to help them conduct a business needs analysis and sort through the options available.

YMCA White Rose chose Samepage and within hours began to see an increase in productivity and engagement. In setting up pages dedicated to specific programs and organizational policies, organization soon arose out of chaos. Conversations began and collaboration bloomed because all of the context was kept intact with its relevant content. Misunderstandings decreased, and a cohesive, happy team emerged.


Samepage has made it easy for staff and volunteers to contribute ideas and suggestions on a wide variety of tasks and projects. Instead of relying on the same people to always get things done, now a whole new community is involved. Along the way, YMCA White Rose has serendipitously discovered new talents and abilities in all of its team members.

Project managers have also become more effective. Instead of spending time resolving problems that come from duplicate and/or conflicting processes, they’re now spending their time managing people and helping YMCA White Rose’s members take advantage of services.

Grant writing has also benefited tremendously from a system that now traps context with its content. No more wondering why this was done that way, or how. The backstory is all there as are the documents, images, presentations, budgets, projections, schedules — you name it. That complete history makes applying for new grants much easier and re-applying for existing ones, a breeze.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is to the community YMCA White Rose serves. Samepage provides a level of efficiency that empowers staff to offer new, innovated enterprise-based programs such as its disabled students afterschool Yours Project program and the MyPlace, a Rotherham Youth Center.

YMCA White Rose accomplished all of this in only three years. Just imagine where they’ll be three years from now!

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