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Success Story

"With Samepage, we’re delivering information in an engaging way — which is incredibly important in keeping our staff motivated to use and learn from it. We’ve found that when they’re happier, they happily answer guests’ questions. And that translates into tremendous brand value because of the superior experience they provide our guests."

- Dustin Halcon, Director of Guest Services, Windstar Cruises


  • High-impact, quickly deployed, more accurate itinerary pages for guest services agents
  • 25% time savings - highest paid employees can focus on higher value-added projects
  • 25% additional team training time reduction
  • Increased sales, more satisfied customers


Windstar's Guest Services department fields about 750-1000 phone calls a day from customers, travel agents, and even their own employees. Responsible for the guest experience from pre- through post-travel arrangements, the wide variety of questions that come to Guest Services are legendary. After all, they serve more than 35,000 guests each year on 110+ cruises, with an average of 30 different side trips per cruise — all over the world — so the amount of information they need at their fingertips is vast. It also constantly changes, and accuracy is paramount.

Guest Services was struggling trying to keep up, using Sharepoint and an "S" drive. But their inability both to easily publish and update information, as well as finding the information fast and easily was impossible using the systems Windstar had. This meant that supervisors were being pulled from their jobs to research the answers staff couldn't find. Consequently, some of Windstar's more important and valuable improvements for Guest Services couldn't be implemented ­— improvements essential to keeping and growing Windstar's reputation for outstanding service.


Late one night, Dustin Halcon, director of Windstar's Guest Services department, had had enough. He wasn't getting anywhere, fast. He was tired of being forced to learn technical web skills that were irrelevant to his value as a leader at Windstar. So he went looking for alternatives to Sharepoint and came across Samepage.

Within minutes he had created a simple, attractive, and information-rich itinerary on a web page that had videos, photos, links to other sites, relevant documents and forms, pricing tables, relevant contacts' information, policies, special instructions and agent information. There was no way for him to do anything even remotely comparable to that using Sharepoint without knowing advanced web skills. Whereas with Samepage's intuitive user interface, he just dragged and dropped what he needed, created text where he needed, formatted and moved things around as he wanted and voilà! He had an exciting, informative web page he knew his agents would love and use.

In addition, Samepage's Search capability meant that his staff could instantly find what they needed without having to set extra tags, create categories or any other search protocols, or keep their own secret lists of shortcuts.


Samepage has freed up Windstar's Guest Services Management team so they're now able to focus on the important, strategic initiatives to improve their services and support the product team more effectively.

It's also allowed them to create interactive, powerful content that keeps their guest services staff engaged and excited about the products they sell and support. With such a young workforce (average age is 30), having the most current technologies that function as they expect is crucial for maintaining a high performance level.

Moreover, Windstar now has a clear history of the content that's created, who did what and when — all without getting trapped in email exchanges that lag behind what's happening with the content. With one central repository for rich information that's quickly and easily searchable, they're more efficient and effective at not just helping guests, they're helping increase sales. And what's not to love about that.

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