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Success Story

"We're never in one place at the same time. Samepage offers us the ability to problem solve and communicate as if we were in the room together."

Neill Gladwin, Creative & Event Director, Victorian State School Spectacular

About Mr. Gladwin:

Neill has worked in both the subsidized and commercial theater and festival industries in Au​​stralia and internationally. In his freelance capacity, his work ranges from large-scale events, including Olympic and Paralymp​ic Ceremonies, to physical theater, opera and Shakespearean adaptation​s. Read more about Neill's background and experience.


Neill is leading the team producing the Victorian State Schools Spectacular, a production involving over 3,000 student performers from schools across the state of Victoria, Australia. With production teams and participant schools spread out across the state, it's a major challenge to communicate and problem-solve effectively. We asked Neill a few questions about how Samepage helps bring his team together.

Samepage: Can you tell us a little more about the kinds of events you direct, and what you're working on now?

Neill Gladwin: We do large stadium events. Olympic ceremony level performances. The current project is with the Department of Education with the State of Victoria in Australia. Each year they produce a large scale show with around 3,000 students participating.

SP: How has Samepage helped your team work together since you're so spread out?

NG: We are literally never in the same place at the same time. What Samepage offers is the ability to quickly problem-solve and communicate ideas as if we were in the room together. And people who don't participate in the dialog can benefit because everything is in Samepage to review later.

SP: Tell us a little bit more about your team, and how you use Samepage?

NG: The team is based in Melbourne Australia. I live well outside of Melbourne. Samepage has increased the ability to do video meetings, screen sharing, etc. That "all in one place" aspect from Samepage allows me to work from home more which is fantastic. We don't have to be in the same place to brainstorm and problem-solve.

We have multiple teams - one team is made up of choreographers that go to different states and teach dances for the show in September. For that team on the road, they have an immediate call-in to their information in Samepage where they can discuss the choreography. In addition, the wardrobe team can also add information gathered from the field while making costumes.It's a much more efficient way to share information.

For this project we're working with the State government, they can look in Samepage and quickly get a look at what's happening across the project and what progress has been made.

SP: What makes Samepage really helpful for a large project like this?

NG: Samepage gives us the ability to centralize important information. We use lots of software with specialized functionality for large events, but I need a visual layout for that information. The layout in Samepage is very intuitive. Another great feature is that as the team grows, we're able to bring in guests to collaborate.


  • Ease of Use - There's no need to train new users on how to navigate and use the platform. New collaborators can get up to speed quickly.
  • Streamlined Communication - Samepage is one place for teams to communicate via chat, or video conference.

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