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Success Story

“Samepage is one of the easiest content management and collaboration tools I’ve ever used — a crucial factor when dealing with users who are expert electrical contractors but who aren’t computer-tech savvy. We knew it was the right application for us after just 24 hours of our Estimating Department using it.”

- Jose Vega, Project Engineer and IT Manager, Settle Muter


  • Fast deployment (24 hours) with easily managed access to sensitive content for different types of internal and external users
  • Mobile application speeds field communications for remote job site management
  • User interface design minimizes learning time — non-tech savvy users up and running within minutes


Settle Muter had been using a different software solution for centralized document storage. Due to a miscommunication, Settle Muter lost access to its content, which was also deleted. As Settle Muter relied heavily on this centralized resource, a replacement needed to be found immediately and implemented as quickly as possible.

Settle Muter has more than 120 employees, most of whom work remotely on up to 30 different job sites across central Ohio. Its job site superintendents needed access to those documents — estimates, supply orders, architectural drawings, change orders — in order to manage each job and stay within budget.

The site superintendents and their employees aren’t experts at using computer and mobile wireless technologies. They are electricians, electrical contractors, and project managers, who are more accustomed to using their hands to install circuit breakers and wiring than troubleshooting wireless  networks, logging into websites, and managing documents and forms.

Whatever solution IT Manager Jose Vega came up with, it had to be dead simple to use, fast to deploy, customizable, and work cost-effectively across different mobile devices and desktops.


Vega did some research to find an alternative solution and discovered Samepage. He and Matt Johnson, Settle Muter’s head of estimating, began a 30-day free trial with Samepage. Within 24 hours, Johnson had built out most of the estimating department’s pages — all customized with exactly what he wanted.

“Michael Vanderhoff, the sales manager demoed Samepage the next day, but we were already hooked,” said Vega, “We were so impressed with its flexibility, customizability, clean user interface, how easy uploading/downloading was, and how simply we could control access by page and different types of users. Clearly Samepage was just what we were looking for.”


Settle Muter started with its estimating department. Easily the most used area of its Samepage account, Matt was able to do so much more with Samepage. Stated Vega, “Matt embraced all the features Samepage had that the other solution didn’t. He’s using it to the max!”

Samepage has made it easy for Johnson to publish his job lists, manage Settle Muter’s RFPs and responses, send and accept bids. He shares and collects information from different suppliers, contractors, and clients. No more sending individual emails, no more worries about version control. Samepage’s News Feed feature and auto-email notices means everybody is in the loop — nobody gets left out.

“Communications are more transparent, and accountability is higher,” claimed Vega, “We love the clear and concise chain of command it provides. Drawings are better organized, bid responses have even become more timely.”

Samepage is in the process of being deployed among the other departments and divisions. Next up is human resources who is building out an employee portal that will initially contain all the forms employees are always looking for — direct deposit, time off, expense reports, mileage forms, 401K and benefits information — not to mention HR policies and important notices.

“I love that we can delegate a page to a user who can then make it their own,” Vega went on. “They can customize it however they need to manage, share, or communicate information. Estimating is different from HR, project management, web management, on-site management, etc. Samepage lets everyone do things the way they like it.  Because of that we’ve gotten better user buy-in so they use Samepage more. And that makes all of our work a lot easier.”

Settle Muter is in the process of rolling out Samepage via its mobile app to its field operations team. “We see Samepage as our key to future success. There are endless possibilities for what we can do with it,” said Vega, “I’m looking forward to it.”

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