Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Success Story

"Our team is spread around several different properties in the US. We have a lot going on and Samepage is a way for us to centralize communication, and information so we can focus on what needs to be accomplished."

Conor Goodwin, Marketing Manager, Pivot Hotels

About Pivot Hotels & Resorts:

Pivot Hotels & Resorts was born as an unconventional solution to serve the next generation of travelers desiring a more personalized, social travel experience. As the lifestyle division of Davidson Hotels & Resorts, and backed by Davidson’s rock-solid footing in the industry through the company’s indestructible resources, relationships, and reputation, Pivot puts the company in a space where today’s guests live, but no other hotel management company currently does.

Business Challenge:

With luxury hotel properties spread across the country it was important for the team to centralize their digital work environment. "We're a small team, and there’s a lot on our agenda - from assisting properties on day-to-day deliverables to tackling new initiatives, and providing insightful reporting." The Pivot team needed a tool to centralize communications among their properties, and Samepage was the right fit for this and more.


Says Conor, "We've been using Samepage for a couple months now, I on-boarded the whole team quickly. I work with the sales and marketing team members from our properties; they're spread all over the US. We really needed a way to centralize communications."

"We did our due diligence on potential solutions. Ease of use was a primary concern. It was easy to teach the team how to use Samepage. We looked at Sharepoint, but it was too much to learn. Samepage was very user-friendly."

"The concept of teams is great, especially being in the Hotel business, where I can designate a team for each property. Being able to create different teams is great, and having the everyone team where people can collaborate is a real benefit."

But the Pivot Hotels & Resorts team started using Samepage for more than just team communication, "We use Samepage as an asset library - it's great for storing pictures, and sharing documents. I do a lot of design work, it's great for sharing collateral. The page layout works very well. It's just a click to add an event or create a task; the format is very flexible. We've also used Samepage to centralize reporting. It's been great to easily add monthly documents to Samepage and have one place to go for reporting." Samepage has also changed how the team works, "We've been able to isolate things from Outlook into Samepage - it's easier to see where I need to get things done in Samepage."


  • Multi-tool - Samepage is more than just a chat tool. With Samepage our team can communicate, get reports, manage a shared calendar, and share campaign assets and collateral all in one place.
  • Ease of use - The entire team was able to get up and running on the tool without IT help.

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