Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Success Story

“Managing the multiple stages of website video production is very time-consuming. Imagine having all different parts of the project spread across various email threads and files in different locations — it was a nightmare. Now that our team works in Samepage, projects are streamlined and we can focus on what truly matters — the quality of our video work.”

— Tyler Kranz, Lead Video Specialist, OverGo Studio


  • 30% reduction in project management hours
  • All assets are consolidated in one location (regardless of where they actually are stored in the cloud) along with instructions and client feedback attached
  • Enables seamless, crystal-clear collaboration internally and externally with clients


There are many stages involved in creating a website video. Producing website videos is an OverGo Studio specialty. OverGo Studio works with clients remotely, so it's imperative that project management is transparent between OverGo Studio and the client.

Video projects start out with a concept. The concept turns into a storyboard and a script, both requiring many drafts. Ideas are fleshed out more fully and language perfected with the client. Then comes hiring voiceover talent and even actors if needed. Still again more feedback from the client. Sourcing and creating assets: art, "set" designs, graphics, getting the perfect shot, the right music, special effects, as well as a thousands of tiny details are all part of the video-making process.

Previously, OverGo Studio was managing this process via email and using Google Drive or Dropbox (or whatever the client preferred). This method clogged communication feedback and led to confusion, misunderstandings, and still more delays as a result. Emails were lost, files misplaced, some files were often too large for Google Drive or took too long to load or didn't load completely. And client comments were siloed in hundreds of email threads.

To add to the problem, emails didn't always clearly distinguish which version of which asset the comments applied to. Being separated from the assets meant laboriously sorting through emails and files trying to match one with the other. Moreover, scheduling wasn't centralized and easily visible, tasks and their due dates weren't easily tracked, and project add-ons were often lost and went un-billed.


Samepage was already being used by OverGo Studio’s marketing team to design and manage marketing campaigns. The video team felt email and phone calls made for quicker communication.

But once a member of the video team began to set up the project on Samepage, and another member created a storyboard using Samepage — it became crystal clear how much easier managing the whole video project was going to be. Not only could OverGo's team keep all the files organized with Samepage, they shared the page with the client who now could see the tasks and schedules, review assets (no matter where they were located), watch video revisions, and make comments — all in one place.


Samepage enables OverGo Studio to have a streamlined video production process. It saves them time and increases project efficiency. The "table" feature lets the team quickly build out a production timeline, making deadlines firm and inexcusable for both the client and the video team.

OverGo's video team uses "tasks" to keep the project moving forward and on time. Clients make comments on various assets, so communication are clear. No more wondering what comment goes with what asset. Multiple video uploads with revisions are easily viewable, and the client can download whatever they need, whenever they want.

Everyone can compare new video versions to older versions on the same screen without having to search for files in different locations. Working inside one collaborative space, clients are more engaged and OverGo's project management is actually fun, instead of a chore.

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