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Success Story

"The entire office uses Samepage. We use it internally to share information, and externally to collaborate with our customers."

Sebastian Ritscher, Literary Agent & Chairman, Mohrbooks

About Mohrbooks:

Mohrbooks is the oldest literary agency in the German-speaking territory. Established in the 1930s, Mohrbooks represents German-language publishing rights on behalf of agencies and publishers worldwide, mostly from English-speaking countries. We specialize in sub-agenting or co-agenting translation rights and offer three kinds of partnerships to our clients.

We caught up with Sebastian Ritscher, Literary Agent & Chairman of Mohrbooks to learn about how his team uses Samepage.

Samepage: What challenges were you experiencing that caused you to look for a collaboration tool?

Sebastian Ritscher: We were looking for three things: a knowledge base, a collaboration space to work on documents, and a file server. I was attracted to Samepage as a knowledge base, but I found that it's useful in many other ways, especially to share information within and outside the organization.

SP: Tell us about a day in your life, how does Samepage fit in?

SR: The entire office is on Samepage. One of the busiest pages we have is a communication page we use with a customer in Germany. I also have a page for keeping track of changes and bugs in a software that I developed and use with another agency.

We also work with outside users who are not part of our team. We use Samepage to collaborate and share documents with our customers.

One of the things I'm working on is that I want to use Samepage as a knowledge base for our sales department. We also keep office photos and other fun things in Samepage.

SP: Thanks Sebastian!


  • Knowledge base - Samepage Pages are live documents that can be used to collect and share information internally with your coworkers, and externally with customers and vendors.
  • One tool to unite them all - Samepage is one central place to keep information and conversations for your team.

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