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Success Story

"Samepage makes it much easier to manage my projects. I won't work without it."

Melvern Atencio, Proposal Coordinator, K&S

About Keith & Schnars:

Keith & Schnars (K&S) is one of the leading engineering consulting firms in the state of Florida. Officially incorporated in 1972, the firm has played a key role in the development of Florida’s growing commercial, residential, recreational, and transportation infrastructure.

We caught up with Melvern Atencio the Proposal Coordinator at Keith & Schnars to learn how their team uses Samepage.

Samepage: What were some of the reasons your team was looking for a collaboration tool?

Melvern Atencio: We needed to make proposal project management easier, more efficient. Better organization, making sure team members had the most updated version of files and documents. General team management, the ability to see what's being done when it's being done. Instant and transparent communication during the life cycle of proposal projects. The ability to keep track of the development of a proposal project and in touch with my team while out of the office or away from my desk.

SP: Tell us about a day in your life - how does Samepage fit in?

MA: I'm the firm’s proposal coordinator. I draft proposals and submit bids for public and private engineering related projects. I search for potential projects and coordinate the creation of bid documents and proposals. I also assist with the management of the marketing department for the firm.

I open Samepage as soon as I arrive to work. I have created a page for each engineering department in our company. We started off with around 10 people in Samepage, and little-by-little we've added more staff members. We have about 20 people now.

SP: Could you tell us a little bit more about how your team uses Samepage?

MA: Whenever there is a need to submit a proposal, I create a page that we use to manage the project. A lot of it is set up so that only certain people have access to any specific page.

I have a page for our graphics and marketing team. We set up pages for small and large projects. If we're creating a newsletter or making in-house marketing materials, we set up a page for the team to develop the idea and communicate from start to finish.

We make page templates for repetitive tasks and forms so that we have easy access when we need them.

Samepage is great for team management - it's easy to see what's getting done and who is working on something.

Because of the way Samepage is set up, it's possible to track projects and get work done even if we're not all in the same office at the same time.


  • Project Collaboration - Samepage's team structure makes it easy to divide and track work between several teams and projects.
  • Work from anywhere - Whether you're in the office, or on the road, Samepage's mobile apps make it easy to keep on top of projects and move work forward.

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