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Success Story

"Samepage is the first thing I open and the last thing I close every day. All of our projects are in Samepage."

Alyssa Nolte, Director of Marketing & Sales, iTracking Research

About iTracking Research:

iTracking Research is a specialized market research company focused on user experience (UX). We work with clients all over the world to test and improve their websites, marketing communications, and anything else a customer might interact with while making a purchasing decision.

We caught up with Alyssa Nolte, Director of Marketing & Sales, at iTracking Research to learn more about how her team uses Samepage.

Samepage: What are some of the challenges you face as a company?

Alyssa Nolte: As company leaders, Mike and I are super busy and need to be able to work off-site. We need a tool that connects us to what is going on in the business, even if we can't physically be there.

A couple weeks ago, Mike was on a trip to visit a large client in San Francisco. There was still a lot of work back in the office that needed to get done. He told me that because he could communicate and interact with the team in Samepage that this was the first time that he traveled and felt connected to the group.

SP: What other tools have you tried?

AN: We've used Asana and Wrike. There were aspects of each that we liked, but we weren't really happy with either of them on the whole. We started a Samepage trial and fell in love right when we started. Now every project that comes through our door gets its own page in Samepage.

SP: Tell us about a day in your life - how does Samepage fit in?

AN: It's the first thing I open and the last thing I close. And I have the mobile app on my phone for when I'm away from the computer. Mike and I are super plugged into Samepage because we're all over the operations of the business. Samepage is where all of our communication goes for project-based communication.

We have a few different teams created to keep our work focused. We have teams set up for research, marketing, recruitment, and the management team which is made up of Mike and myself.

We have a lot of university student employees, some of who may only come in one or two days a week. Samepage is great for managing those employees because I can set expectations and work with them even when I'm not in the office.

SP: What are some of the other ways your team uses Samepage?

AN: We just hired our first remote employee. It's something that we didn't really feel that we could do until we started using Samepage. The ability to work with people in Samepage, even though we're not in the same place, made us feel more confident about adding a remote employee to the team.

We're also experimenting with moving client communication into Samepage. Right now we communicate by email, and all it takes is for someone to forget to cc someone else, and the whole project might go off the rails. We're dipping our toes into it. If it goes well, we'll be bringing our bigger clients into Samepage.

SP: Thanks so much for speaking with us!

AN: You're welcome. We're really thrilled with Samepage!


  • Skip the office - Samepage makes it easy to keep in touch and move work forward no matter where your team is based. Whether your team is in one office, remote, or on the road.
  • Collaborate with Customers - Invite your customers, vendors, and partners to Samepage and work together instead of sending emails back and forth in long chains.

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