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Success Story

"Creating great content is much easier said than actually done. It takes the synergy of creative minds to come up with content that really works. Samepage has made day-to-day mechanics so fluid that our talent can collaborate effortlessly with each other, and clients, to create brilliant content."

— Mary Planding, CEO, Inbound Marketing Squad


  • 35% reduction in task management
  • 31% reduction in miscommunications
  • 26% reduction in revisions
  • 10% increase in margins


Since 2010, the Inbound Marketing Squad (IMS) has been creating content marketing strategies for SaaS, clean tech, and high tech companies. IMS uses native English-speaking journalists, marketers, graphic designers, photographers, actors, and videographers to meet their clients' needs.

With its clients and creative talent located all over the world, managing the creation of high-end marketing content is a tad complicated. While efficient collaboration is desirable, its clear communications that makes all the difference in keeping clients, and its creative team, happy and productive. Without great communications to nourish collaboration, no amount of efficiency will result in producing content that does what it's supposed to — engage people.

Typically once a strategy has been agreed upon with a client, the campaigns' offers are defined. Most of the time, offers are designed to meet a buyer persona's information needs at each stage of the marketing funnel. Those information offers might include one or more of the following formats: infographics, videos, checklists, guides, ebooks, white papers, blog posts, etc.

Each information format has its unique needs. Subject matter / creative experts are pulled from among IMS stable of journalists, scriptwriters, designers, etc. and are led by an account manager, who guides them and the client through the development, approval, and publishing processes.

IMS had tried several project management systems, none of which really satisfied their needs. Most were too rigid — they couldn't easily adjust processes to fit IMS clients' needs. Those systems that were more flexible, were so complicated, feature-bloated, and difficult to use, that it wasn't worth the expense to learn.

In the end, IMS resorted to using Google Drive with Sheets, Docs, and Mail to manage editorial calendars, post/share files, and brainstorm / problem-solve / communicate. IMS account managers were spending an inordinate amount of time problem-solving over issues that were the result of conversations not keeping up with or being attached to, the content being produced. This created miscommunications, which in turn created conflict and confusion. All of which ate away at IMS' margins with more revisions and out-of-scope work to pacify clients.


When IMS was introduced to Samepage, it was love at first sight. In minutes IMS project managers were able to set up pages for clients with their projects, share them with talent, assign tasks, and edit documents without losing the history of changes. They began communicating exclusively with clients via Samepage's comments feature. No more chasing emails trying to figure out who requested what changes or why. No more wondering which document was the latest version. No more miscommunications about who did what, or why, or wondering when something was due.

All source materials were stored with the project page, regardless of what type of file format, or where they were being kept. And best of all, IMS was able to easily manage projects without making clients, or IMS talent, jump through hoops. Samepage was so flexible and easy-to-use, that clients have come to enjoy working with IMS in Samepage.


Samepage helped Inbound Marketing Squad improve its processes to be flexible, seamless, and efficient. Samepage lets IMS' talent focus on what they do best, rather than struggling with the mechanics of day-to-day task management. And clients? IMS clients are delighted to have such an easy-to-use application that keeps their content projects moving forward painlessly. Clients go to their different project pages, ask questions, make comments, share additional resources, and just by reviewing their Samepage news feed, get an immediate idea of the project's status.

Best of all, Inbound Marketing Squad's margins have improved, its talent is delighted at how much simpler and faster it is collaborate so easily, and best of all —no one has had to give up their favorite content creation tools. When you manage creative talent, sometimes it's the simplest things that make the biggest difference.

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