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Success Story

"Samepage is a one-stop resource for us. Having all the information we need on a single page, organized the way we want it, has been awesome…. I don't know how we could manage as many growers as we do right now without [it]."

— Luke Heinrichs, Marketing Director and Field Rep, Guardian Harvest


  • Runs certification and audit processes using Samepage
  • 62.5% reduction in growers' audit times
  • Rapidly replacing 400 growers' physical paper files with Samepage


Guardian Harvest is a full-service food safety consultancy located near Fresno in the Central Valley of California. Guardian Harvest helps more than 400 produce growers stay in compliance with requirements that standardize food safety and agricultural sustainability practices.

Guardian Harvest arranges, coordinates, and facilitates inspections in the growers' fields and packing houses. They also educate the growers about those requirements and advise them on implementing best practices.

Guardian Harvest was literally drowning in paperwork — emails, forms, applications, inspection schedules, certifications, test results — on and on. Guardian Harvest's file cabinets filled multiple rooms. Emails had to be printed out and stored with the right documents in the right file folder. And files have to be kept for many years. It was becoming an enormous physical and time-consuming problem.

Guardian Harvest tried different applications in their quest to go digital. They searched for a CRM or database management system to meet their needs. Eventually they started with Evernote Business, "We hit a wall with them," recalls Heinrichs, Guardian Harvest's Marketing Director and Field Rep. "We needed more than Evernote could deliver. Our tech consultants from Ronin finally turned us on to Samepage. And within a matter of hours, we knew we found the answer to our problem."


Today, Guardian Harvest has created individual grower's pages that contains audit results, certifications, applications, county permits, assessments, water sample results, and worker safety training records, farm maps, contact info, etc. Guardian Harvest even posts photos of the farms, packing houses, produce, and anything else germane to that farm.

"For the most part, we use Samepage internally and with the different certifying bodies," says Heinrichs, "Eventually we'll make information on Samepage available to growers down the road. We want to interact with them more and see Samepage as the vehicle for doing that."

Guardian Harvest's two field consultants now use their iPads in the field with the Samepage mobile app. They can access growers' pages and quickly review, make notes, and update whatever documentation is needed at that visit. Audits that used to take eight hours, now only take three — one hour in the field, and just two hours in the office. And although for now they're still carrying some papers and forms, Heinrichs anticipates that won't continue for much longer.

The Guardian Harvest team hardly ever uses email anymore. With Samepage comments, discussions are tagged to the grower's page, and the specific document or task in question. Says Heinrichs, "We don't waste time hunting for emails, texts, or documents. We have become amazingly efficient."


Industry standards are constantly being updated as regulations change and new information comes out. Heinrichs comments, "We used to maintain a 5"-thick binder of standards and regulations for each grower. It was nuts. Now it's all on Samepage and we can access it anytime."

Guardian Harvest also maintains all the growers' information online for them. "This makes all of our lives so much easier," declares Heinrichs. "Having all the information we need on a single page, organized the way we want — ranch maps, addresses, phone numbers, communication logs — has been awesome. I don't know how we could manage as many growers as we do right now without Samepage. There are so many ins and outs in our business, and so many things to keep track of. Even if we were using different apps, like Sharepoint 365 or something, to take care of all these things — they're just not as easy to use or as accessible and convenient as Samepage is."

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