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Success Story

"One of the main reasons we went looking for a system like Samepage was the long-term perspective of document archiving. Given the ever-changing structure of our Board and other people active within our organization, it is not practical to keep altering permissions and invitations on Google Drive. Samepage easily rids us of this problem and allows for a long-term stability of all of our documents."

- Marek Navrátil, European Youth Parliament


  • Seamlessly fits into the organization’s workflow
  • Smooth team on-boarding and reduced training time
  • Intelligent archiving system for important documents, allowing links to current activities
  • Greater efficiency, better communication, less confusion among team members across the country (no more “lost” documents)
  • Long-term scalability for growing organizations


The European Youth Parliament (EYP) Czech Republic is a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on developing young people into responsible and politically aware adults. It organizes conferences, during which high school students discuss current European and worldwide topics. EYP emphasizes learning throughout the process, not just on the outcomes of the conference discussions.

More than 40 people are actively involved in the EYP’s work. Its member base is spread throughout all of the Czech Republic making efficient and effective communication a priority. This is especially important because of the dozens of conferences, trainings, and minor events that are continually being organized and held. Daily activity is fast-paced and can be confusing because of constantly changing circumstances.

EYP had been using Google Drive for quite some time as its document-sharing platform. Staff and volunteers struggled to find files, share them, and organize them in a way that fit their workflow. In addition, there was an enormous volume of older, but important documents that needed to be connected or linked to current tasks, events, and other projects. Google Drive was cumbersome, slow, and frustrating.


Once EYP switched to Samepage, it finally found an application that easily adapted to its workflows. They were able to create a well-structured database with easy access management in a user-friendly environment. EYP’s team creates “homepages” upon which they store all of their important documents. That helps keep everyone informed through Samepage’s comments newsfeed, eliminating fruitless email conversations.

Members are editing documents directly on the platform, making it quick and easy to revise the hundreds of templates they create to manage their activities. Because everyone can access those templates, they don’t waste time using out-of-date material that has to be redone.

Samepage’s calendar also lets EYP’s team track all the activities and tasks for each event. It provides that 50-foot perspective that’s so easy to lose, yet still captures all the nitty-gritty details with checklists so they stay on track.


EYP’s team members are scattered all over the Czech Republic, helping high schools across the nation. It’s easy for communication to get fragmented, confusing, and out-of-date.

Using Samepage has simplified and streamlined communications among its 40 team members. It’s reduced confusion and delays because members can now:

  • Easily find the documents they require
  • More effectively manage their events and projects using “homepages”
  • Never lose the context of the conversation because all comments are attached to specific pages, documents, and tasks

EYP found Samepage so easy to use there was virtually no training time needed for members — especially among those who are not as familiar with the ins and outs of technology.

EYP anticipates Samepage seamlessly accommodating additional users as its membership and its activities and projects keep growing. Samepage has made user accessibility very easy to manage given their constantly changing membership, effectively reducing any security concerns.

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