Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Success Story

"We tried just about everything, but no other software product has ever been adopted so fast inside Ecovative. It's a testament to how easy-to-learn and useful Samepage has been."

— Amanda Kiyanitsa, Product Manager, Ecovative Inc.

About Ecovative:

Ecovative Inc. produces and markets earth-friendly materials that replace harmful, chemical-based materials (e.g. Styrofoam®), used in furniture and packaging. They are dedicated to offering products that have a positive impact on Earth's ecosystem and ridding it of toxic, unsustainable materials, without sacrificing on cost or performance.


  • Fastest voluntary user adoption of any software package throughout the company.
  • Communication and information transparency has dramatically improved employee buy-in of company R&D and engineering initiatives.
  • Samepage became the centralized repository of product information, replacing multiple disjointed cloud and file sync services, leading to increased productivity.

Business Challenge:

Getting multiple cross-functional teams to work together and have the most up-to-date information when each team uses its own favorite set of tools is a common business pain point. When Ms. Kyanitsa began using Samepage, she had no idea the impact it would have on the rest of the company:

"We needed a way to have an editable page that could be shared internally and updated by different people. Pages needed to be well-organized, easily understood, and accessible by anyone. The app needed to be quick to learn and easy to use."

"We also wanted to improve communication and get better buy-in from our employees on the various R&D and engineering projects we do."

"With files all over the place, and public meeting notes hidden in private folders — there was a lot of misunderstanding and judgment going on. We needed a way to be more transparent and share information consistently with all our employees so they could seek to understand why we were doing what we were doing."


"We tried the usual suspects – Basecamp, Yammer, Asana. They just didn't give us the flexibility or ease of use that we needed. We had to create pages that could hold disparate pieces of information in tables, charts, graphs, images, text, calendars, and files. The app had to be easy to use, and simple to learn."

"We started off creating meeting notes. For the first time, I could create a page, add different types of information onto one page, and organize it as I liked for my meetings. I took notes, added content on the fly, and tasks all on one page. It significantly cut down my meeting preparation time. And it made our meetings more productive, immediately. Within a day, we had people asking if they could use Samepage too."

Samepage's compatibility with cloud File Sync and Share services, along with Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and other tools meant that Ecovative's teams could still use all their favorite tools — and merge their work inside Samepage. Now discussions around the work resided with the work product on Samepage instead of getting lost in email, or separate instant messaging/chat apps — further increasing productivity and transparency.


  • Current Product Information is Easy to Find – product information stays current, accessible to all employees, and easy to find.
  • Transparency in R+D and Engineering – employees from across the company now see the R&D and Engineering projects. They can learn more, make comments, add ideas, and offer suggestions and improvements. Buy-in is now rampant. New ideas and suggestions are captured and elevated as appropriate for more in-depth discussions.
  • Quick Employee Onboarding – no lengthy tutorials, employees are up and productive in mere minutes, regardless of their computer experience.
  • Flexible Tool —Samepage adapts to Ecovative's processes, it's compatible with all software tools. Everyone can design pages as desired, adding in tasks as they go.
  • Higher productivity — Comments and chat keep projects moving forward, reserving in-person meetings for harder, more important decisions.

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