Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Success Story

"Samepage helped us break down the silos and cultural barriers that were holding us back. We needed a solution that would bring our teams together, let customers and vendors collaborate with us, create a new culture of transparency, and increase accessibility. Within 30 days, my teams were successfully collaborating thanks to Samepage's intuitive UI/UX and flexibility."

Vito Fabbrizio, Vice President, Solution Engineering and Product Management, Crossmatch

About Crossmatch

Crossmatch is a world leader in biometric identity solutions. Crossmatch's customers in government, finance, retail, law enforcement and defense rely on them to implement identity management programs that mitigate risk, drive productivity, and improve service levels.


  • Within a matter of hours, team members jumped in and began using Samepage, collaborating on projects and sharing information. Projects began moving forward at a faster pace.
  • Within 30 days, the teams at Crossmatch, their customers, and third-party vendors were up and running on Samepage.
  • Collaboration and productivity improved, and teams began to forge a shared identity.

Business Challenge

Crossmatch recently completed an acquisition and the merger of operations that were split between multiple offices. Integrating processes, establishing clear communication channels and facilitating long distance collaboration was a challenge.

"Bringing together duplicate teams from different company cultures was challenging in the absence of a flexible and intuitive shared collaboration framework. Communication was slow and misunderstandings occurred due to having to hunt through hundreds of complex email threads. Our existing collaboration tool worked on PCs and a large part of my team travels all over the world. We needed a solution that would let us all collaborate, in one place, no matter where we were or what devices we used."

Crossmatch also required a tool that was flexible and could adapt to how they needed to organize and manage highly complex projects – a tool with a simple, intuitive interface that made collaboration, sharing and task management easy.


Crossmatch researched different tools online, read hundreds of product reviews and trialed several different solutions.

"What was great about Samepage, unlike the other tools, was seeing how people jumped in and began using it right away. I saw people collaborating, using it, making it come alive. Above all, I saw others who were exposed to Samepage through interaction with my team begin requesting access. This was a clear demonstration of how Samepage was helping my team work smarter and more effectively. In the end, that's what we needed."

"I looked for something that would naturally help people share and ultimately help them communicate and do their jobs better. They could reply, chat and communicate from wherever they were, using whatever device they had. Being able to stay connected and abreast of what was going on was the icing on the cake."


  • Universal Native Applications - Ability to collaborate and share using any device, anytime, anywhere and with anyone increased productivity — projects delivered faster, with less problems
  • Easy to use - Intuitive UI/UX let people jump right in and be productive immediately
  • One place to communicate - Chat kept the content, work discussions and recommendations together — Searching through thousands of emails and dozens of different cloud file-sharing services to find what was needed is a thing of the past
  • Promotes Accountability - Assigning tasks keeps the project moving forward and holds team members, both internal and external, accountable and informed about project progress
  • Simple Document Management – Not having to worry about finding the latest versions, they're always there where you need them

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