Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Success Story

"Samepage has become as critical to our operations as email."
- Rich Holmes, CEO, CLF Staffing

About CLF Staffing:

CLF Staffing is a national staffing agency with more than 25 years of experience in helping companies and government agencies find the people they need and helping job-seekers find a career that fits their aspirations. Their services include personnel recruitment and job placement support, transition management, security clearance processing and full-cycle recruiting of professionals.


  • Samepage decreased project delivery time by 25%
  • Keeps a virtual team on deadline and up-to-date on project milestones
  • Packs multiple tools into one easy-to-use package - file sharing, calendar, communication tools and more all in one app

Business Challenge:

Running a virtual team is not only a challenge, but also a fact of life for many organizations. Says Mr. Holmes:

"Our teams are virtual. It's tough to ‘meet for coffee' with coworkers to discuss projects and stay on deadline. We tried using Dropbox and email, but it wasn't a complete solution. Samepage gives us a place to meet and collaborate."

Getting a virtual team, based in multiple time zones, and different offices on the same page is a real challenge. Dealing with multiple time zones meant team members weren't able to attend every meeting.

"Circulating meeting minutes on Dropbox and sending emails wasn't working."

How do you manage projects, meetings, and deadlines across time zones and geography?


There are lots of online collaboration tools, and CLF tried several before Samepage.

"We tried using a combination of tools like Dropbox and Huddle. None of the other tools really met our needs. We tried several combinations of tools because any one tool alone wasn't a complete solution for our needs."

"Dropbox…it was just a data dump. It didn't help us build out a platform that we needed around the files."

Samepage provides the complete collection of tools that CLF Staffing needs to work as a distributed team, and deliver projects on time. And most importantly, Samepage is so simple to use that adoption felt natural. In fact, Samepage has become critical to CLF's workflow.

"Samepage has become as critical to our operations as email."


  • Ease of use - CLF tried multiple tools, but Samepage was the most natural fit. Samepage was easy to set up, and the team naturally gravitated to the system.
  • Robust Support - Samepage support has been helpful in making sure that CLF Staffing could get up to speed with Samepage quickly.
  • Keeps virtual teams on task - built-in tasks, and reminders such as email notifications make sure the team is on top of deadlines.
  • Templates - CLF manages several projects and proposals at a time. Samepage's built-in templates helped CLF streamline project management. Now CLF Staffing spends less time managing the details and more time delivering.

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