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The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Thanks to Samepage

"We searched for a comprehensive tool that would allow us to manage our administrative tasks and our communications together in a singular efficient workflow. We're thankful to have found these qualities in Samepage."

Filip Novák & Alexandra Šilhánová (editor in chief of Magazín Paraple)

“Increased administrative demand - it's a visible and growing trend across all industries. The social and health care segments are no exception” says Filip Novák of Centrum Paraple. “However, social work and health care demand that communication with clients and patients remains a top priority. It must be unhindered and optimized. The administrative tools we use must put communication at the forefront of the service and care we deliver.”

“We searched for a comprehensive tool that would allow us to manage our administrative tasks and our communications together in a singular efficient workflow,” says Alexandra Šilhánová, editor in chief of Magazín Paraple. “We're thankful to have found these qualities in Samepage.”

How Samepage Helped Us

Efficiency and Productivity

Providing service and care for our clients and patients is our top priority. All other processes must be more than compatible. They should actually assist in maintaining this focus. Before we found Samepage, we needed to work very hard to achieve this. For internal communication, we sent emails and chat messages through our own internal server. Working data was stored on shared hard drives. It was common practice for us to send different versions of files with comments through email. This often led to difficulties in keeping track of which version is the correct one.

We were delighted to find that these difficulties vanished with Samepage. We didn't need to travel between multiple applications to get a clear understanding of what was being done. We were able to search for anything in a single application. It also became much easier to maintain our files. The current version of any file has been much easier to access. As notifications from Samepage began telling us everything we needed to know, we started saving a lot of time and realized it was the perfect tool for us.

Availability and Flexibility

Previously, we often needed to be in the office to access or collaborate on anything. We had access to shared data through our VPN, but it wasn't available on all devices and connectivity wasn't always reliable.

Samepage addressed these pain points as well. We can now access shared data, communicate, and collaborate with anyone from any device. All we need is an internet connection.

We at Centrum Paraple have been using Samepage for years. The app is constantly evolving and reacting to user feedback. We've also enjoyed being involved in beta testing of new features.

We thank Samepage for many years of service and support!

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