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Success Story

"We needed a tool that we could use to communicate with our contractors who usually only have a phone or small tablet at the job site. We use Samepage every day to coordinate with our contractors in the field."

Callie Befeld, Interior Renovations Manager, Barvin Group

About the Barvin Group:

The Barvin Group is a privately-held real estate investment and service company specializing in multifamily properties. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we focus on properties in major markets throughout the state of Texas.

We caught up with Jayne Hansen, Construction Coordinator, and Callie Befeld, Interior Renovations Manager, for the Barvin Group to learn more about how their team uses Samepage to get more done.

Samepage: What challenges was your team facing before getting on board with Samepage?

Callie Befeld: We were getting too many text messages. And we wanted the ability to track progress on projects in the field. We were using OneNote, but it wasn't something that we could use with the guys in the field.

Jayne Hansen: With text messages, any pictures or conversations go away after a while. With Samepage, all of the pictures and conversation are captured and saved.

SP: What drew your team to Samepage?

JH: We were looking for a communication platform. We had tried Bitrix24 but it wasn't as user-friendly as Samepage.

CB: One important thing we were looking for was guest access. We work with lots of subcontractors, and sometimes we want to have the client involved in a project. Being able to communicate with these guests in something outside of email and text messages was important.

SP: Tell us a little about how Samepage helps you day-to-day?

CB: We use Samepage every day to coordinate with our contractors working on interior renovations in the field.

JH: We need constant communication on where things are. I use it more for uploading plans and keeping track of decisions that need to be made, who's in charge of certain decisions, and managing deadlines. We use it for the day-to-day follow-up to make sure things don't fall through the cracks.

SP: What Samepage features does the team find helpful?

CB: We use file sharing to share architectural documents, and plans. We share them as PDFs so our contractors can read them from their mobile device.

JH: Tasks are useful. We use them all the time. Adding participants to tasks is really helpful because it's never just me working on a task.

CB: Team pages are helpful to communicate schedules and changes to the teams in the field.

JH: I use team pages for scheduling and sequencing. It's nice to have all of the pieces of a project laid out on a page.


  • Collaborate in the field - With Samepage it's easy to share information and get updates from contractors at job sites because Samepage has fully-featured mobile apps.
  • A record for the team - All communication in Samepage is kept in context with the project so it's easy to go back and see what was said. Need to check on a change order, or see who gave approval for a purchase? It's all there in Samepage.

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