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What makes teamwork on Samepage so easy and efficient? A complete set of collaboration tools all in one place, helping your team spend less time hopping between multiple apps and more time getting work done. Our design also makes it easy to see multiple projects moving forward in real time. Whether you're seeing co-workers updating a page, assigning tasks, sharing files, posting comments, or chatting via video conference, you're seeing it all in context, on the same page.


Gather co-workers together with project content and conversations. Each team you create has it's own collection of people, files, tasks, calendar events, pages, and of course, conversations.


The ultimate collaboration space. Use pages to co-author content, run meetings, and manage projects with the team in real time. Share text, tasks, files... virtually any multi-media content.


Conversations can take place anywhere in Samepage. Chat one-on-one or in groups via text, audio, and video. Attach comments to specific page content to keep conversations organized.


Share, organize, protect, and synchronize files in Teams. Store them in Samepage or bring them in from other popular file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.


Projects run smoother when everyone is looking at the same task list. Assign tasks to individuals or groups with deadlines, recurrence, and reminders. Update the team with visual progress indicators.


Keep important events and task deadlines in calendar view for each team. Get an overview of all calendar events important to you in your own personal rollup calendar.

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Feature List

Expand the category boxes below to see both Free and Pro features.


Teams & People

Collaboration starts with people. Work with anyone inside or outside your org to get the job done.


Create a team to bring people, conversations, and content to one place.

Team Owner

Those who are granted team owner powers get to wear a crown and manage team settings.


Connect with coworkers near and far. Work together in real time.


Collaborate with contractors, vendors, or anyone outside your organization.


Create a "team within a team" to collaborate with a specific group of people.

Multi-team Guests

Allow guests to be a member of more than one team

Private Teams

Create a secret team only you and the team members you invite can see.

Denotes a Pro feature


Connect with your team via direct messages, group chat, and voice or video calling.

Direct Messaging

Message anyone directly for a private conversation. The little green dot shows who is online.

Team Chat

Keep your team engaged. Share ideas and latest developments on Team Chat. More on team chat

Page Chat

Have a conversation alongside where your files and content are.

Group Chat

Send a chat message to any group of people in your organization.

Voice and Direct Video Calling

Start a video call for a face-to-face conversation with anyone across the world. More on voice and direct video calling

Text Quoting

Highlight and quote text on a page or chat conversation for added context.

Content-based chat threads

Keep your comments tied to specific files and content. More on content-based chat threads

Emojis smile emoji

Brighten your chat messages and reduce unnecessary chatter with over 100 charming emojis.


A streaming feed of unread or recent comments, reminders, alerts, and other updates across all teams and projects visible to you. More on Inbox

Group Video Calling

Get your distributed team on a video call without leaving the Samepage app. Let them hold an unlimited number of separate video calls at the same time. More on group video calling

Denotes a Pro feature

Content Management

Co-authored online documents, shared files, tasks, videos, diagrams... the list goes on and on.

Real-Time Collaboration

Create and edit content online with others in real time. More on real-time collaboration

Team Pages

All your work takes place right here. Create or add any type of content to share and collaborate with your team.

Page Sharing

Share a page with anyone on Samepage, even if they aren't part of your team.


Drag and drop graphics, arrows, and other diagram imagery to easily create and share flow charts, process diagrams, org charts, network diagrams, etc. More on diagrams

Track Changes

See exactly who made each change on a page and approve or reject them one-by-one or all at once.


Integration with YouTube and Vimeo makes sharing videos easy. You can upload your own video, too.


Display ideas visually. Upload photos from your mobile device or drag and drop them to a page.


Built-in formulas and functions let you create sophisticated spreadsheets.


Add surveys and polls to a page with a click to collect quantifiable feedback from the team.

Google Maps

Include a map of your event location so everyone knows where they need to be.


Collaborate on HTML emails, embed content from other websites, and more.

Code snippets

Share snippets of syntax-highlighted code in a wide variety of languages for a multi-author code-editing experience. More on code snippets

Public Page Sharing

Allow anyone to view shared content simply by visiting a link. No signup required.

Presenter Mode

Easily turn a page into a slideshow presentation and say goodbye to the hassles of Powerpoint.

Page Locking

Lock a page to prevent edits to files or content on the page.

Page History

View a complete history of page edits and see exactly who made them.

Denotes a Pro feature

File Management

Synchronize and share files with your team online. Bring 'em in from your hard drive or other cloud file-sharing services.

File Sharing

Upload and store files in Samepage for your team to easily access. More on file sharing

File Synchronization

Synchronize online files with copies stored on your hard drive. Great for easily updating an entire team's locally stored files and for offline access.

Direct File Editing

Edit and save files directly to Samepage with the desktop app.

Cloud File Integration

Centralize files without migrating them. Add files from Egnyte, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

File Version History

Track every saved file revision and see exactly who made changes to the file.

Denotes a Pro feature

Task Management

Divide and conquer that to-do list. Assign tasks, set reminders, and squash unnecessary chatter with 'percentage complete' indicators.

Task Assignees

Create a task, add details, set a due date and a reminder time. Assign the task to yourself or to others. More on task assignees

My Tasks

Manage the tasks you created and the tasks assigned to you - all from one spot.

Team Task List

See all the tasks for your team in one place.

Recurring Tasks

Set a single task to repeat as often as you need.


Create a list of sub-tasks within a larger task.

Task Participants

Add several team members to the same task for shared responsibility.

Task Progress Tracker

Visualize task progress at a glance with Samepage's nifty task tracker.

Filterable Task Lists

Handy task filters help you see what team members have on their plate, so you can distribute tasks effectively.

Copy and Assign Tasks

Easily replicate the same task for multiple people to complete.


Shared Calendars

Get a clear view of upcoming events and task deadlines across multiple projects on customized shared team calendars.


Add deadlines, meetings, and other important events to a page or calendar.

My Calendar

See all the events you're attending in one place and set reminders to keep you updated.

Recurring Events

Perfect for weekly meetings or other routine calendar events.

Team Calendar

See at a glance all the events happening within your team on a shared team calendar. More on team calendar

Calendar Subscription

Add events in Samepage to your Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more.

Event Email Notifications

Automatically send event invitations and updates via email to users and non-users alike with attached .ics files for native calendar compatibility. More on event email notifications


App Integrations

Connect 1000+ apps with Samepage. Get notifications from Salesforce, bring in files from Dropbox, assign tasks from Slack, and more.

Google Drive

Add Google Drive files to centralize documents, tasks, and other information.

Microsoft OneDrive

Attach OneDrive files for your team to easily access and edit.


Keep content and conversations together. Collaborate on Dropbox files with your team.


Add Box files to a page and chat right alongside your cloud content.


Safely access and share Egnyte files directly from Samepage.

Google Maps

Help people find their way. Include a Google Map for event locations.


Embed YouTube videos to share and watch on your page.


Embed Vimeo videos to share and watch on your page.

External Calendars

Subscribe to Samepage calendars from external calendar apps like Calendar on a Mac.


Connect Salesforce, Slack, and over 1000+ other apps to Samepage to consolidate your workflows. More on Zapier

SSO Integration

We integrate with your existing SSO solution to make accessing Samepage quick and easy.

Denotes a Pro feature


No need to hunt for updates among a dizzying barrage of spam. With Samepage, nothing will find you but progress updates, reminders, and relevant conversations.


Type what you're looking for to easily find people, pages, or files.

Desktop and Mobile Notifications

Get real-time updates from your team on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Review Later

Mark any pages or chat messages to review later.

In-Product Notifications

Little red dots display the number of unread messages and any @mentions.

Email Summary

Opt to receive email summaries of messages you missed.

@Person Mentions

Use '@person mention' to call out to a team member.

Page Tags

Add hashtags to page titles to filter large team page lists down to #reports, #campaigns, or any hashtag you like. More on page tags

@Page Mentions

Use '@page mention' to provide a link a specific page.

@File Mentions

Use '@file mention' on pages or in chat messages to provide a link a specific file in a team's FILES section.

Out of Office Indicator

A visual indicator letting others know that while you may be online, you're on the road makin' big moves. More on out of office indicator


Multi-Language Support

Working with a global team? With multi-language support, it's easy to co-author documents, assign tasks, and manage projects across borders.


Czech (Čeština)

Chinese - simplified (中文)

German (Deutsch)

French (Français)

Italian (Italiano)

Japanese (日本語)

Portuguese (Português)

Russian (Русский)

Spanish (Español)


Desktop & Mobile Apps

Collaborate anywhere at supersonic speeds with our native desktop and mobile apps.

Mac OS

Boost your productivity with Samepage's desktop app for Mac OS. More on Mac OS


Organize your day's work and get it all done with the Samepage Windows app. More on Windows


Message teammates and collaborate on the go with our native iOS app. More on iOS


Stay connected and work from anywhere with our native Android app. More on Android


Administrative Tools

Easily manage teams, content, and everything in between to keep your organization running smoothly.

Admin Role

The Admin is the highest role in Samepage, with extended permissions to manage the account and members.

Restore from Trash

Restore deleted pages, files, and other actions.

Hide the "Everyone" Team

Each member is automatically a member of the Everyone team. In Pro, you can optionally hide it for more controlled internal communication.

Team Archiving

Archive a team for safe keeping. You can still search and access content in an archived team.

User Manager Role

Manage users in your organization. Invite or remove members, enable or disable member login, and more.

Content Manager Mode

This powerful feature enables Admins to enter Content Manager mode to access pages across the organization.

Denotes a Pro feature

Customer Success & Support

Get all the help you need to work productively. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

In-App Live Chat

Chat privately with our award-winning support staff from within the Samepage app.

Email Support

Reach out to us with any questions or comments via email. We'll get back to you in a jiffy.

In-App Private Support Team

Connect with our rockstar support team from within the Samepage app. Chat via text, audio, or video. Ask us questions, provide feedback - we're ready for whatever!

Phone Support

Give us a call for issues big and small. We're standing by to help.

Denotes a Pro feature

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