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The Team

Meet the people leading the charge toward better team collaboration

A vision is born

Scott Schreiman and Martin Viktora, both veterans of the email server software market, knew there had to be a better way to work together as a global team. After exploring a variety of wikis, chat tools, project management software, and file sharing systems, they set out to create a platform that not only combined these features but did it in a way that promoted real-time teamwork, displaying content and conversations together on the same page. Thus, the pursuit of a game-changing collaboration tool began.

We have liftoff

Experimentation went in a thousand different directions, but constant tweaking, learning, debating and designing ultimately forged an award-winning masterpiece, a perfect blend of power and ease-of-use for collaborative teams of all sizes. Our determination and invaluable feedback from our customers has produced a seamless combination of features that make it feel like a team is all in the same room, even when they're spread across the globe. Now we're taking off, and we'd like to take you with us.

What We Do

Samepage is collaboration software that helps teams manage projects online in real-time with simultaneous editing, version control, task management, group video calling, file sharing and more.

We are all on the same page

These are the values that inspire us.


We believe a transparent work environment is vital to keeping everyone informed and accountable.


We empower people to collaborate across teams. Our mantra is great content comes from great conversation.


We engage with our customers to constantly innovate and improve their collaboration experience.


We think working together should be easy, with tools and information to get work done in one place.

Meet the Management Team

Jan Jezek

VP, Engineering

Scott Schreiman

CEO & Founder

Martin Viktora

CTO & Founder

Meet the Rockstars

Jan Rada

Senior Software Engineer

Tracy Guerra

Customer Success Manager

Martin Hošna

Senior Software Engineer

Stanislav Kolář

Senior Software Engineer & Founder

Matt Lovato

Senior Marketing Manager

Jiří Nohavec

Senior Software Engineer

Martin Pořádek

Senior Software Engineer

Jiří Praus

Senior Software Engineer

Markéta Satková

Operations Manager

Meet our Investors

Our Offices

Samepage is headquartered in downtown Campbell, in Silicon Valley, with additional offices located in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Our distributed teams span the globe, working together to deliver collaboration software that gets us all on the same page.

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Our Press Kit

Our online press kit assets are shared via our "public sharing" feature, a feature which lets our users easily co-author pages from any device and share them online with anyone in just one click.

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