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What's New? Better Management Tools For Team Pages.

September 24, 2019

What's New? Better Management Tools For Team Pages.

Teams in Samepage are where most of your work gets done, so it naturally makes sense for us to improve how you're able to work inside of your teams. Among the dozens of small improvements we make every month, two stand out for making life easier for our users:

  • Multi-select drag-and-drop for team pages
  • Team page pinning

Multi-select Drag and Drop for Team Pages

Samepage has always allowed users to cut, copy, paste, move and delete individual pages within a team or between teams. However, there are times when you need to do some bulk changes. Now it is easy to select a group of pages and make those changes in one easy action. First, click the selector icon here:

Page Multi-Select Open

Then tick the boxes next to each page you'd like to move.

Select Multiple Pages

Page Pinning

Pages in Samepage are meant to be workhorses, the place where work gets done in a team. So, it only makes sense that your most recently edited pages are at the top of your page list by default. The stuff you are working on is always at the top, right at your fingertips. It's one of those smart, sensible design touches that set Samepage apart from everyone else.

However, there are times when you need specific pages to remain at the top. For example, a team dedicated to a large project might need a project overview page that guides the team to various resources they'll need for the project. Since that page wouldn't be edited frequently, it might have "fallen" down your page list.

Now, it is super easy to pin pages to the top of a team's page list and order them the way you like, via drag and drop. Simply right-click on a page to pin it.

Pinning a Page

After you've pinned your pages, you'll see them at the top of your list. You can then drag and drop them into any order you like!

Pinned Pages