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We're Serious About Security

August 06, 2015

We're Serious About Security

Security is a top concern for businesses when considering new software. And businesses have good reason to be concerned, given the latest cyber attacks on critical government systems, everyone is looking for secure places to keep their files and data. Because of Samepage's history, growing out of enterprise grade firewall and secure communication software, we take security seriously.

We use the best tools and engineering practices to build and maintain Samepage. These tools are built in to Samepage so no matter how small or large your business is you're covered. We have a dedicated security team making sure that we stay on the cutting edge of data security.

User Security & Privacy

Samepage provides you with a range of tools to keep your data safe and private. You can control page access within your organization to ensure that private data is only shared with individuals in your organization who need it, and no one else. Access to Samepage is always password protected, all data transfers from Samepage are encrypted, and we also support encryption from any source that enables transfer encryption.

Our employees don't generally have access to the data you store in your account, except in maintaining the service and in providing you customer support, with such access being logged on a regular basis.

We also keep that data backed-up and safe while stored in Samepage, supplemented by network and infrastructure architecture designed to prevent service downtime or data loss. For example, we keep 3 copies of all your data, and our platform utilizes a fully redundant load balanced network.

Network Security

We keep our network secure at all times, utilizing the latest technologies such as VLAN,SSL, HTTPS, and Forward Secrecy. All Samepage emails utilize anti-phishing measures and STARTTLS settings for safer SMTP communication.

We keep your data in the same secure, world-class data center near our Silicon Valley office that we keep our own data, and also Amazon Web Services just to be extra safe. The data center has SSAE 16 Type II compliance and includes biometric entry authentication, N+1 or greater redundancy for all components of essential systems, uninterruptible power and backup systems, and state of the art fire and flood protection.

November 2017 Update: We recently migrated all of our datacenter services to Amazon in order to maintain optimal performance, reliability, scalability and security. Learn more about our ongoing security enhancement efforts.

We told you we were serious

We're so confident in our security protocols that we guarantee 99.99% uptime. If you ever want to learn more about our protocols, feel free to contact us, or take a look at the legal fine print. These features are built into every Samepage account and require no IT implementation.