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Wedding Planning. Made Easy.

April 23, 2015

Wedding Planning. Made Easy.

Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time. Two people united in marriage — the wedding rings, a decadent wedding cake, friends and family, tossing the bouquet, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And so much love.

Now it's time to get started planning the perfect wedding day to make it the glorious day of your dreams. But you know the perfect wedding doesn't just happen, right? It involves endless details. If you don’t have a wedding planner in your budget, don’t fret. Samepage, to the rescue! Samepage is a cloud-based app that let’s you organize and plan just about anything with all your wedding information in one centralized, online location. And it’s FREE!

Nicole & Ben’s Wedding

Nicole and Ben will tie the knot in September. They want a magical day to remember. Planning hasn’t been stressful because they’re using Samepage to stay organized and on top of all wedding logistics. Nicole created a page with all of their engagement and wedding details:

  • Uploaded their set wedding budget to make sure they stick to it

  • A map to their engagement party at The San Francisco Yacht Club so guests can get directions easily (fingers crossed no one gets lost!)

  • A few photos for her very special wedding dress inspiration

  • Websites and contact information for their top 3 wedding destinations

  • A Google Sheet organizing the guest list and seating chart

  • Link to their wedding invitation options

  • List of their top wedding cake bakeries for each location

  • Easy access to her account on The Knot (can’t forget the gifts!)

  • A growing list of their dream honeymoon locations

And because Samepage lets them share their page — the wedding party, family and friends, and even vendors can visit the page for information or to ask questions / make comments — all in real-time, on the go using their mobile devices. Samepage makes planning their “I do’s” a lot easier.