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Voice message

March 04, 2020

Voice message

Voice message

If only typing on mobile was easier. The keyboard is too small, your fingers might be frozen due to winter, and the whole endeavor of texting what you meant to your teammates is driving you crazy! Thankfully Samepage is always looking for the best user experience. Instead of typing a message, you can record a voice message and attach it to the chat. Not only is it convenient, but it also preserves the tone. No more confusion or unnecessary conflict over what you meant by that sentence.

Recording voice message

Hold the microphone button below the text message input. Record for as long as you wish and release the button when finished. The voice message will upload upon pressing the Send button. You can also attach a chat message to the voice message file. It's that simple!

Playing the voice message

Anybody who can access the chat can play your voice message, right from the chat stream. Very convenient, very simple.

Are you looking for an immediate reply?

If you are looking for a real-time conversation, you can always use our built-in audio & video calling feature. Not only you don't need to type anything, but you also get on the same page with your teammate in no time.