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Unleashing Samepage Calendar Events

February 08, 2018

Unleashing Samepage Calendar Events

We're happy to announce some MAJOR improvements to Samepage's shared calendars and events. Let's jump right into it.

For those of you who were already using Samepage to showcase your powerhouse project & event management skills, Samepage calendars were probably at the core of your workflow. But we admit, seeing your Samepage calendars in the context of your personal life may have been a challenge if your personal calendar was in iCloud, Google Calendar, etc. While we did have a "Subscribe" option available, we felt there was room for improvement.

Plus, we realize not everyone is on the cutting edge of collaboration technology like you are, and adding non-Samepage-users to your Samepage calendar events wasn't possible. Again, room for improvement.

The goal

Our goal was two-fold. First, make it easier to see Samepage calendar events in external/personal calendars. Second, make it possible (and easy) to invite non-Samepage-users as event attendees in Samepage.

The new features

1. Calendar event invitation emails

When creating events in Samepage, whether they're on a page or directly on a calendar, attendees will be sent a notification email that contains a .ics attachment.

Invite Event Guest Email with ICS

Through the magic built into most email and calendar clients, the .ics attachment will be recognized and translated to an event in your personal calendar. When an event in Samepage is updated, the same process occurs and your personal calendar is updated.

Invite Event Guest

2. Event Guests

When you're adding attendees, you'll see Samepage auto-suggesting fellow co-workers as you type. You were limited to those auto-suggestions, but now you can type any email address you wish, even if that person is not yet on Samepage. As you do so, you'll see Samepage suggest that you add this new person as a "Guest to this event."

Invite Event Guest

Event Guests will receive an invitation email with a .ics file, but they'll also have access to the calendar or page in Samepage where the event is shared, and they'll have the ability to chat in Samepage directly with the event organizer. After all, the last thing a Samepage power user wants is another trip to the old email inbox Wink

It's important to keep in mind that Event Guests can only see events and page content in Samepage where they're listed as attendees, so you can be sure that your Event Guests won't wander off to places they're not supposed to be.

The result

Create events on pages or shared calendars in Samepage. Invite your attendees. The results will speak for themselves. You'll see Samepage well-represented in your own external/personal calendar, and you'll feel confident knowing the attendees you added to the event will see the same thing, regardless of whether or not they're on the same cutting-edge collaboration platform you're on. Either way, you're all on the same page.