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U.K. Non-Profit Uses Samepage to Enable Enterprise-Ready Programs

August 25, 2014

U.K. Non-Profit Uses Samepage to Enable Enterprise-Ready ProgramsWhen YMCA White Rose in Sheffield emerged from the merger of three YMCA chapters, it came as no surprise that there were a lot of redundant systems, documents, processes, and even IT hardware. Add into the mix three different staffs used to do things their way, not to mention a wide variety of experience and comfort in using computers and you have a potential disaster in the making. With the help of their IT services partner, datamills, YMCA White Rose embarked on a three-year journey to consolidate all those systems, streamline processes, eliminate redundant documents and leverage all the hardware to the greatest extent possible. What they didn't expect was how easy it all became once they started using Samepage. In fact, using Samepage has brought all three teams together so they're functioning as one cohesive team. And they're now at the point where they're using Samepage to fuel innovative enterprise-ready (self-generating revenue) programs to serve disabled children after school and power a local youth center. Curious? Get more detail here.