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Trello vs. Confluence vs. Samepage; Compare Business Collaboration Tools

January 10, 2017

Trello vs. Confluence vs. Samepage; Compare Business Collaboration Tools

So you’re interested in collaboration tools, and you’ve heard the recent news that Atlassian has purchased popular collaboration app Trello. You might be wondering why a company like Atlassian, which already has a few collaboration apps, might be interested in Trello. To help you understand the collaboration tool landscape we're going to break down the differences between Trello and Confluence - and show how they both compare to Samepage. If you're looking for a quick side-by-side comparison with fewer words, take a look at our feature-by-feature summary comparing Trello and Confluence to Samepage.

So they're all collaboration tools? What's the difference?

Trello is focused on giving teams project information at a glance. Based on the common Kanban board style of project management, Trello uses cards to organize project components. Cards can hold all kinds of information - from tasks, to images and files, to conversations. Trello doesn't have a specific format for projects - there's no one way to use Trello. The lack of structure is great for teams that are looking for a custom workflow manager, but could be a deal breaker for other teams.  

Confluence is focused on collaborative document creation. Like Google's G Suite apps, Microsoft's Office 365, and Salesforce's Quip, Confluence is designed to help your team create documents together. With a proprietary interface, Confluence allows teams to work with files, or to create documents using Confluence's editor. Confluence takes care of versioning so all revisions are saved and you can go back and see previous versions. Workspaces in Confluence can be divided by departments or teams, and integrates with other Atlassian tools like JIRA and Hipchat.

Samepage is focused combining all of the tools a company needs to communicate, create, and manage workflows in one tool. The core of Samepage is the team. Users create teams for projects or departments, and each team has dedicated chat, and a workspace where the teams can manage a calendar, tasks, and pages - collaborative spaces where teams can create documents, and share files. By combining communication, workflow management, and collaborative documents, Samepage is a one-stop-shop for teams looking to get more done.  

In a nutshell - the difference between all 3 comes down to the focus of the product. Use Trello to get a visual breakdown of your projects and manage work in real-time, use Confluence to create documents with your team and share files, and use Samepage if you want to get everything in one place.

Which one is best for my team?

What kinds of projects do you do? Where does your team need help getting on the same page? Chances are you don’t have time to evaluate and launch multiple tools in your company, so if you need more than just one focus, you're probably better off considering a solution that has everything built-in. Or your team may have communication on lock, and just needs a planning tool, or maybe your team just needs a place to co-author documents. All teams have different needs when it comes to collaboration. The best way to find a new tool for your team is to know what kind of tool your team needs to fill the gaps.

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