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Transparency and Security - Have it all with Egnyte & Samepage

October 03, 2016

Transparency and Security - Have it all with Egnyte & Samepage

There's a classic struggle between IT and a team's desire to use the newest tools. And with the rise of cloud applications it's easy for anyone in an organization to create a business account with a new chat app, or file sharing solution without approval from IT. This is called shadow IT, and it's one of the things your CIO is most worried about.

Egnyte covered an angle on this tension between the CIO and line of business in a blog post where they deconstructed consumer-first file sharing solutions. While that post is mostly focused on issues with permissions, these easy-to-use consumer-first tools often lack enterprise-grade security. These tools could create vulnerabilities in your corporate firewall, and at worst, could be illegal for your company to use.

At Samepage we take information security and compliance seriously. That's why we always look to partner with platforms that provide the flexibility you need to get work done, while also making sure your CIO can sleep at night. Our latest integration, with Egnyte Connect, brings enterprise-grade file sync and share to Samepage, meaning your files are safer than ever.

Here's a quick Q&A that covers the latest integration:

What is Egnyte Connect?

In a nutshell, Egnyte Connect is secure file sharing that lets you access your files securely no matter what cloud platform they're hosted on.

What do you think Samepage users will find most useful in Egnyte?

At Samepage we've always worked hard to offer a flexible platform that fits the way your team works. Egnyte Connect offers Samepage users a best-in-class solution that will improve their data security and compliance in a way that actually makes it easier to work with their files.

Samepage has a number of file sharing integrations - what do we look for in a partner?

We believe that teams create their best work when ideas can flow freely. Encouraging free collaboration and communication is challenging in the modern work world because teams are distributed across timezones and geography. We look for partners, like Egnyte, that leverage technology to make it easy for distributed teams to collaborate.

How does the integration work?

Egnyte is built-in to Samepage - all you need to do is click the green "+" sign on any page, link your Egnyte account, and add the file or files to a page. You can also read the more in-depth guide: Accessing Egnyte files on Samepage.

Learn More:

To learn more about the integration, and to get a free Samepage account visit: With Egnyte and Samepage your files, your team and your conversations are all safely in one place.