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Time to Customize Your Workspace

July 03, 2020

Time to Customize Your Workspace

It's crucial to be able to quickly navigate through the folder structure to be able to quickly find what you are looking for. We usually remember the right folder not by its name but by the position in the folder view or by the color. That's what catches our eyes immediately. So far, there was only one way to distinguish your folders in Samepage - by setting a folder color.

Folder Colors

Folder Emojis

Today we are releasing something better. Go to your workspace and make every folder unique by choosing the right, quickly recognizable icon. It does not only feels like home when you have your workspace nicely customized but also serves as instant navigation through the folder structure. We are fantastic at remembering symbols - like our favorite brands. Let's personalize your folders and enable this quick navigation to your workspace. Teach me how to do it.

Folder Emojis

Folder Emojis Picker

Did you know?

Have you already discovered the folder/document pinning feature? Do you have a critical Sub-Folder or Document you want to be the first in the list, no matter what? Pin these Folders and Documents to stay on top of the list. This is very useful for example for Instructions on How to Organize the particular folder, Important Notice or a Welcome Message.

Folder Pinning Menu

Folder Pinned Document