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Team video chat app comparison: Hipchat Group Video Chat vs. Samepage Video Chat

September 07, 2016

Team video chat app comparison: Hipchat Group Video Chat vs. Samepage Video Chat

When working on remote or distributed teams, it's difficult to build relationships and remain productive. There are tons of tools out there to help address these challenges, but few may be as effective as video chat. According to one survey, 72% of businesses that deployed video conferencing tools experienced better performance.

Because video chat is so universally helpful, it's no surprise that Hipchat recently announced Group video chat for HipChat Plus users. But what if you're not a HipChat Plus subscriber? What if you're a small team looking for a free tool to get on the same page?

Samepage has group video chat and screen sharing and it's totally free. That's right free - just use your Google account. You can launch as many group video chats and screen shares as you like - from anywhere in Samepage so your conversations and your work stay together.

Let's compare Hipchat and Samepage side-by-side:

1-to-1 Video Chat?YesYes
Group Video Chat?YesYes
But is it free?NoYes
Screen sharing?YesYes
Free Screen sharing?NoYes
Desktop only?YesNo - web, desktop, or mobile
How many people?Up to 10Up to 10. Did we mention it's free?
How much does it cost?$2/user/month$0/user/month
But I'm a free user can I video chat?NopeYep

Bottom line? Video chat is a great productivity tool. Free video chat is better. Get free video chat (and a whole lot more) with Samepage. Don't have a Samepage account yet? Get a free Samepage account and get your team on the same page for real.

P.S. you might have noticed that Slack wasn't included. They have plans for video chat, but haven't released details yet. Read this guide if you're wondering how Samepage, Slack, and HipChat compare to each other. If you want to see how Samepage stacks up against a wide range of other collaboration tools: Compare Samepage.