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Team Quick Search, Updated Licensing Policy for Pro

June 09, 2016

Team Quick Search, Updated Licensing Policy for Pro

Team Quick Search

Looking for a specific team? Now you can easily find the team you're looking for -- just type the name of the team in Quick Search (the giant magnifying glass).  

Inviting People to Samepage and Licensing for External Members - Pro Plan

Just a friendly reminder regarding our updated licensing for external members and policy for inviting new users:

All internal members under the Samepage Pro plan can invite new people and assign their membership type - internal or external. Previously, only Admins and User Managers could invite new users to join their organization. Here's a little refresher on membership types:

  • Internal members are people inside your organization, and can be Admins, User Managers, Team Owners and regular team members. Internal members have access to resources across the organization and join any open team.
  • External members are people outside of your organization, like contractors, partners, or clients. External members can be invited to join specific team(s), and can only see the people and content within that team.
    • Each external member who belongs to only 1 team does not require a user license.
    • Each external member who belongs to 2 or more teams requires 1 paid user license.

Note - Only Admins can purchase user licenses. Your organization must have available user licenses to invite new members.