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Task boards mobile experience

December 16, 2019

Task boards mobile experience

Last week we released one of our most significant features for Q4. The tasks boards (aka kanban). With the task boards, it was never easier to manage a project in Samepage. You can define your workflow with custom columns and quickly move tasks around with a mouse. Pretty easy and straightforward.

We released the tasks boards with read-only mobile support last week. We didn't want to hold such a beautiful and useful feature from you. But we know our mobile app is as essential as our desktop app. So in this week's mobile app release, we are adding the ability to edit tasks boards and tasks on it.

Read our previous article to learn more about task boards.

Your custom workflow

Use tasks boards columns to define your custom workflow. Most common use it something along:

  • To do — Design — Development — To Review — Completed
  • Bugs — Important Bugs — Critical Bugs — Fixed
  • Backlog — Planned — In progress — Completed
  • New lead — Contacted — Waiting for a response — Won — Lost

Then drag & drop your tasks between those columns with your finger.

Numbers of how you are using tasks boards

16K tasks created in only two weeks

Not only we are seeing more tasks than ever being created on Samepage. Just after two weeks, almost 22% of them are on task boards. If you haven't checked them so far, you should do it now.

Example of a task board

The drop marks the Thanks Giving holiday. We are glad you took some time off.

You love the task colors!

With task boards, we also added a new set of colors. We know you love to improve your workflow by color-coding your to-dos. Here is an overview of the most popular task's colors:

Example of a task board

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