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Task Board is getting better and better

February 03, 2020

Task Board is getting better and better

At the end of December 2019, we've released the new type of collaborative document - task boards. It was a big experiment to see whether this type of content could improve the way you collaborate on Samepage. And it was an obvious hit. We see now that you love task boards and use them more and more.

There is a lot of essential features that this type of document lacks in comparison to pages. You are telling that to us quite a lot, and we're grateful for the feedback. We are fixing this and adding new and new capabilities to the task boards every day.

What's new then?

  • Ability to share the task board to external guests
  • More templates for various use cases
  • Lock the board to prevent any changes to it
  • Ability to mark task board to review
  • Full-text search for a task
  • More granular notification settings
  • Ability to pin the task board in the Documents list in a team
  • Copy, cut, duplicate task board between folders or teams
  • Improved task cards - visible participants, recurrence settings and description

What's coming soon?

We are collecting the feedback every day and evaluating your suggestions to address the most critical pain points. Task boards are one of our main topics for upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and let us know what you are missing on the task board.

What is a Task Board?

Task Board (or Kanban for those who know) depicts work at various stages of a process using tasks shown as cards with columns representing each stage of a process. There you move items from left to right to show progress and to help coordinate teams performing the work. Most common use it something along:

  • To do — Design — Development — To Review — Completed
  • Bugs — Important Bugs — Critical Bugs — Fixed
  • Backlog — Planned — In progress — Completed
  • New lead — Contacted — Waiting for a response — Won — Lost
Example of a task board