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Take Sharepoint Further with Samepage

September 03, 2015

Take Sharepoint Further with Samepage

We all work with vendors, creatives, and consultants outside of our organization. To work effectively with distributed teams you need tools that work everywhere, and on any device. Lack of mobile support and difficult access/sharing outside of an organization are a problem for over a third of Sharepoint users. With recent developments in cloud based collaboration services it's no longer necessary to sacrifice features and usability to use Microsoft's office products. Samepage offers a simple tool that combines files, photos, cloud content, maps, videos and team conversation together on one page, and addresses the two main weaknesses of Sharepoint:


A collaboration tool that doesn't leave the office is missing the point. SharePoint's features are split between two native mobile applications separating your conversations from your documents. Furthermore the apps only support Sharepoint 2013 which is used by less than a quarter of Sharepoint installs. Collaboration should be able to happen anywhere - on your commute, while working from home - all of your files should come with you and be accessible on any device. With native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android Samepage keeps you up to date with projects and find your files anywhere.

Project Management

Only 11% of Sharepoint installations are connected to project management software. That means 89% of Sharepoint users are using another software, excel, or even sticky notes to track projects. Samepage has project management built in. You can track tasks by individual and by project so you always know where projects stand.

There's no denying Sharepoint's popularity, but it's far from a complete solution for team collaboration. It's time to start considering complete collaboration solutions - or at least solutions that augment current platforms to boost team productivity. A collaboration platform that doesn't work well with outsiders isn't going to make your life easier. Samepage makes collaboration easy - anyone can be invited to a page, and you can even manage sharing and permissions so you can make sure everybody has the information to move forward. If you're looking for a SharePoint alternative, or a program to supplement SharePoint, and the data shows that 1 in 2 companies using SharePoint are looking to supplement functionality, learn how to get started with our free online collaboration tool. Or if you're still learning check out these five free SharePoint alternatives.