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Summer Music Festivals — Don't Miss A Beat with Samepage

April 14, 2015

Summer Music Festivals — Don't Miss A Beat with Samepage

Music festivals — they may cost you an arm and a leg, but you get to party with friends to the music of your favorite bands — outdoors. What could be more awesome? Lack of sleep (and other things) may be the price you pay, but so what? It’s worth it to start the fun all over again at the next one.

Why attend musical festivals? After all, they’re crowded, awfully loud, the bathroom lines are longggg. Most people say it gives them permission to enjoy life with no worries or cares — even if it is only for a few days. You get to act silly, sing out loud, dance like crazy, enjoy good food (hope you brought some to share), and listen to incredible music without worrying about school, work, and responsibilities. Festival life seems better than real life for many. And why not? Music festivals are generally well organized and everything is planned for you already. But behind the scenes a lot goes on to pull off attending a successful music festival — big or small.

Getting Ready for Stagecoach

Jesse and his buddies are heading to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival and they can’t wait — three days listening to some of the best artists in country music. But they’ve learned from past experience the importance of planning ahead to make the festival weekend more enjoyable for all of them.

Jesse is using Samepage, a free online project management tool, so he and his friends can manage their trip's logistics and stay on track. He created a page where everyone can post and comment, with festival info, schedules, and to do lists so they can easily be informed, share ideas, and stay on top of plans and action items on-the-go using the Samepage mobile app. They’re looking forward to some amazing country music and seeing some of their favorite artists.