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Subscription Management is also part of the user experience!

May 05, 2020

Subscription Management is also part of the user experience!

Subscription management is not a core collaboration feature and not something you think about as part of the user experience. It's not something you use every day. If it gets the job done, why change? That's is why we had such an old-looking subscription & billing management screen. It was simply something we didn't want to focus on, and it had been with us since the beginning 5 years ago. But we feel you deserve more when you decide to give us money or decide you no longer need Samepage. Either way, it should be a pleasant experience. That's why today, we are introducing brand new billing management, which brings together some cool improvements into the billing process itself!

Enjoy your PRO subscription

Samepage is excellent at many things. It allows your team to work together in a single application, cutting costs and context switching. It offers even more in it's PRO version:

  • Advance collaboration features
  • Access Rights and Management
  • Content Manager Mode
  • Check more ...

But the process of giving us money was a major UX disaster. Until today! It was a shame we didn't have a list of invoices or a way how to freely update your plan, or even cancel your subscription. Not any longer! Overview of your current costs, adjust, and more.

Change your subscription with a click

The new billing management allows you to change the plan and number of seats instantly. No limit there. Change your seats quintillion times a day (ok, please don't!). If your department is growing or somebody just left. Adjust your costs immediately. No need to contact anybody. It's done within seconds. The change is immediate. No invoice.

No proration in monthly plans

So far, we charged every change to monthly subscriptions immediately. We don't want to do that any longer. It created a lot of microtransactions. From now on, every change to your monthly subscription will be reflected on your next invoice. Are you adding a new user in the middle of your billing period? No problem. It's free until the end of your billing period. See your upcoming invoice to know when and how much you will pay.

Annual plans will still be prorated by the number of days remaining in your current plan year. When you add users, you will only be charged for the amount of time remaining until your renewal date. If you are reducing users, you will receive a credit in your account that will be automatically applied when your subscription renews.

New payment methods

Apply Pay? Google Pay? ACH? Bank Transfer? Master? Visa? American Express? ... we have all the capabilities now. Yay! And what if you don't want to share your credit card? No problem. We are going to send you an invoice every month, and you can choose whatever payment method you need.

We are here for you

So from now on. By upgrading to Samepage PRO, you not only get the full potential of a collaboration platform to speed your team but also a luxurious way how to manage your costs and subscription.

Upgrade now to enjoy!M