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Students: How to Get Your School Projects Done with Samepage

December 10, 2014

Students: How to Get Your School Projects Done with Samepage

Whether you’re a part-time or full-time student, it’s easy for your school projects to feel as though they’ve taken over your life and buried you. Especially if you’re a serious student bent on getting your degree as quickly as you can. “Someday,” you wail, “I’ll come up for air and have fun again.”

There are so many details whirling in your head — on top of all the exams, essays, and regular class assignments. You’ve got different classes, in different subjects. Some projects you can do alone, others you have to complete with classmates. Some require you to do research that requires you to talk to people you don’t know, or visit new places or even do things you’ve never done before, learn how to use new tools. There are days when the list feels endless.

So how can you get a grip? Seriously. How can you make sense from all the chaos you feel surrounding you?

Meet Steve

Steve’s major is graphic and web design. His goal is to get his bachelor degree, and it’s his sophomore year. He’s got three class projects that represent 60% of his grade in each of his major classes.

Steve was starting to panic. Until a friend turned him on to a new web tool —Samepage. Now he feels like he’s got a grip on his class projects. He’s organized them and knows what’s got to be done and by when.

Steve’s Process

First, Steve created a main page with his classes and a visual schedule showing his classes and team meetings. He also created a section with links to his favorite online design publications so he could quickly find them for inspiration.

Then he created pages for each of the class projects that he’s working on with other people. One project is to create a digital magazine with advertisements, and the other is to publish a 10-page website.

On the class project pages, he set up these different sections to get started:

  • Team members and their phone numbers

  • Tasks to be done

  • Team meeting day, time and location

  • Timeline with due dates for different tasks and who is responsible

  • File, image, and page naming conventions.

He’s also got a place where team members can upload the latest version of their InDesign or Dreamweaver files, and a section where images they’re using in their project can be stored.

Since all project info is stored in one place, his project teammates can add or change content, upload different kinds of files (e.g. .xlsx , .pptx, .docx, .pdf, photos, charts, .mp3, .mp4, etc.), and make comments to each other that are tied to different items. Everyone can go to their Samepage news feed and comments are there, with the most recent one on top. And when they click on a comment – it takes them immediately to the page and highlights the content, file, or other item that the comment is about. Any of them can customize their pages in just seconds. They can add / change / move sections around on the pages, add more pages, even change the layout.

Best of all — they can still collaborate even if they can't all meet at the same time or place. Plus, no more emails with attachments forgotten, no more texts that feel like mysteries to be solved, and no more missing out on the conversation. With the Samepage app, they can add, view and edit content, and make comments from whatever device they’re using.

It was so easy and it took Steve less than a half hour to learn and set all of this up!

Most importantly, now Steve can relax because he knows what’s going on with his projects at any time, and so can his teammates. Now they’re focused on getting their work done, instead of panicking about what to do.