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Social Link Previews

December 13, 2017

Social Link Previews

Social media. You love it. You hate it. Either way, you probably need it. Most organizations today have some kind of social media presence that needs to be monitored. It's an extension of their brand, a connection to their customers. It's also a huge source of potential distraction. Only a rare breed is disciplined enough to stay focused on their organization's social activity while their personal social accounts beg for attention on the same screen. For the rest of us, our newly released social link previews let us see our organization's social activity without having to leave Samepage. Huzzah!

What are social link previews?

Social content (comments, pictures, videos, etc.) is often accessible through a link. Samepage can now follow that link, retrieve the content, and bring it back to you in Samepage so you can weave it into your workflows without all the distraction.

Cool! How do I use them?

How you decide to use them in your workflows will depend on your team's preferences, but technically speaking, there are a few ways to embed your social content in Samepage.

1. Copy and paste a link on a page

Most social media platforms make it easy for you to grab a link. On Twitter, for example, just go to the top right corner of a tweet and look for the caret. A click will give you the option to "Copy Link to Tweet".

Social Link Previews

Simply paste the link on a page and hit Enter. The actual contents of the tweet will appear, complete with updated counts of retweets and likes. The example below shows how a link to a tweet is converted to the actual tweet on a page, right alongside other contextual information, tasks, etc.

Tweet is embedded on a page

Now your team can have a conversation in Samepage about the tweet, its performance, related content, etc., without having to go to Twitter.

2. Use the green plus cursor

Let's use Facebook as an example this time. To get a link to a Facebook post, right-click on the date in the upper right corner of the post and select "Copy Link Address".

Copy a link to a Facebook Post

You can paste the link as mentioned above or use the green plus cursor on a page to embed your Facebook post in the same way you'd add tasks, events, surveys, cloud files, etc.

3. Use Zapier (this blogger's preferred option)

Yep, I love automation of all kinds, so instead of going to social media sites, grabbing links, and pasting them in Samepage manually, I have Zapier do it for me. Zapier detects new public social media content and it can be filtered to your liking. We use it to look for new activity across Samepage's social accounts and paste links to our Marketing team. Samepage detects the links, converts them to embedded social media posts, and bam - we have an aggregated social media feed flowing in Samepage alongside our other marketing project content, team conversations, etc., completely distraction-free.

One important thing to note - you won't be able to share social media content that isn't available to the public. For example, a Facebook post from your personal account may not be visible to anyone but your friends on Facebook. Samepage won't be able to see these posts and therefore won't be able to embed them.

We hope you enjoy! I know I will. Let us know what you think below!