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Slack Vs. Hipchat Vs. Samepage which is the Best Team Messaging App?

April 21, 2016

Slack Vs. Hipchat Vs. Samepage which is the Best Team Messaging App?

At Samepage, we believe great conversations lead to great work product. Whether it's a new feature idea or a discussion on how to squash a bug, messaging lets you hash out ideas quickly. Getting answers to work challenges in real-time helps you get more done with less fuss, so you might be wondering which chat option is best for your team? Here's a quick comparison of 3 of the most popular messaging and collaboration tools for business:

Messaging: Check! All 3 have chat. Moving on.

Video Chat: Samepage has video chat available for free with Google Hangouts. Hipchat charges $2 for video chat and a few other features. Slack has video chat too as of December 2016.

File Sharing: With Samepage, your files are kept on pages which can contain notes, feedback, and more. Samepage always keeps the latest version of the file so you always know you have the right version. Slack and Hipchat don't have version control. With Slack and Hipchat, your files are hidden in your conversation history, or collected with all of your other files in a roll-up which makes it difficult to find the right version.

Create and chat: Are you having a great brainstorming session in your chat that you want to turn into the next great blog post or app? In Slack and Hipchat you'll have to leave the application. With Samepage, you can start drafting and sharing real work ideas in real-time right alongside your chat. Build and chat in the same window at the same time.

Integrations: There are tons! See who integrates with what: Slack, Hipchat, Samepage.

Mobile: All 3 have mobile applications.

Cost: With Slack Free, you'll lose your chat history over time or you get your full history and some other perks for $8/user/mo. With Hipchat, you'll be missing some core functionality (like video calls) until you pay $2/user/mo. With Samepage, you get all of the functionality free - just pay $10/user/mo when you need more pages and more storage.

The bottom line: which tool is best? It depends on what you're looking for. Are you looking for the slickest messaging-only app? Go Slack. Are you big into Atlassian's other products like JIRA and Confluence? Go Hipchat for its integrations. Are you looking to do just more than chat? Then you need to get your team on Samepage.

If you want to see how Samepage stacks up against a wide range of other collaboration tools: Compare Samepage.