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The Simple Project Management Tool that Opened a Restaurant

April 16, 2015

The Simple Project Management Tool that Opened a Restaurant

The taqueria craze keeps getting hotter every day. And why not? Who can resist the varieties of delicious foods they serve? Fish tacos, veggie burritos, combo fajitas, chicken quesadillas, along with a few specialty dishes like menudo for the truly adventurous appetite.

Taquerias are more than a great place to grab a quick, yummy bite. They have also become a very popular small business venture, especially as a family-owned and family-run enterprise. But don’t be fooled. A small business doesn't mean an easy business. Opening and running a successful restaurant takes tremendous effort.

Opening La Mejor Taqueria

Alejandro and Maria Vasquez recently opened a taqueria with a companion food truck to tap into the popular street market trend. They know that opening a restaurant means a lot of hard work. Even the most successful restaurateur will tell you it's a brutal industry with low margins and high failure rates. Yet Alejandro and Maria had long dreamed of owning their own business. With more and more busy people eating out, it became the perfect time to open a taqueria. They were up for the challenge!

Launching a successful restaurant takes careful planning and detailed management. They decided to use a free online collaboration tool their accountant recommended. He had used it for online file collaboration with his clients during tax season and loved it.

Alejandro created a page within the online collaboration tool where he was able to project manage the entire launch of the restaurant's grand opening. He and Maria continue to use same tool for the restaurant's day-to-day operational activities, mostly accessing it from their mobile devices through the collaboration tool's mobile app. They've created secure online pages to:

  • Manage and update where the best locations for the restaurant food truck are

  • Partner with local farmers for the freshest produce (they even create a private page for each farmer to access directly!)

  • Hire and manage dependable staff

The couple also uses the public page option as the taqueria's website, filled with menus, photos of great meals, promotions, and a schedule of where the food truck will be. They also use a public page to promote their Deal of the Day.

Are you ready to launch your own small business venture? Make sure you're using the right online collaboration tool to help you stay on track.

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