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Settle Muter Electrifies Its Estimating

March 18, 2015

Settle Muter Electrifies Its Estimating

A growing mid-sized electrical contractor based in Ohio, Settle Muter has multiple installation teams scattered across the region at different job sites. For years, Settle Muter been limping along with a solution for centralizing document storage that was having trouble scaling with their company and which remote employees found challenging to use.

One day, due to a miscommunication with the solution provider, Settle Muter lost all of its critical content. Forced to scramble, they decided that this time, they wouldn’t settle. They’d find an application that met their needs today, would adapt to their work processes, and grow with their business over time.

Knowing that their employees are not high tech savvy meant finding a solution that required virtually no time to learn and could be accessed anytime, anywhere.

When Jose Vega, Settle Muter’s project engineer and IT Manager found Samepage, it was love at first sight. Within 24 hours, the head of estimating had built out Samepages filled with all the information their site superintendents needed to manage all their jobs remotely.

Read about Settle Muter’s story and how Samepage helped them become more efficient, productive, and profitable.