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Security in Collaboration

March 07, 2018

Security in Collaboration

A typical multi-app collaboration chain

Most of us know someone who uses more than 4 separate apps to collaborate with their co-workers. One app for sharing files, another for managing tasks, and sometimes upwards of 3 separate apps for communicating: email, chat, and video conferencing.

This is an IT security manager's worst nightmare. Why?

Because security is only as strong as the weakest app in the chain, and because it's too easy to forget about the fine print in the corporate security policy when you're trying to impress colleagues with a new multi-app automated API workflow. Sure, you might initially look like an integrations rockstar, but potentially sensitive data is now spread across the cloud, you're 5x more exposed, and your IT guy might not even know until its too late. IT managers often learn this lesson the hard way, and when they do, be somewhere else.

Frustrated IT Manager

Samepage is, of course, the secure solution

First, with Samepage you won't need to travel between separate apps to share files, manage tasks, or communicate. Samepage does all that in award-winning style, no matter what device you're on - far fewer opportunities to introduce a weak link in the workflow chain.

Second, we're serious about our security layers and data encryption. You may be surprised to know that while our app continues to win awards for its design, our developers are led by a 15-year firewall development and security veteran. Here's what his team uses to keep Samepage user data 100% safe.


All Samepage data is stored on AWS, one of the most secure cloud services in the world. In all circumstances, data (including files) is encrypted during transit and at rest using an AES-256 cipher. Encryption keys are either managed internally by Samepage or Amazon, depending on the type of service involved.


All network communication is encrypted and our systems are being kept up to date with the latest crypto enhancements, such as HTTPS with Forward Secrecy, AEAD Cipher Suites.

All data transfers from Samepage are encrypted, and we support encryption from sources that enable transfer encryption.


Password management and password policies are another important security factor. Samepage provides users with a range of tools to keep their account and data safe and private. Access to Samepage is always password protected. For organizations with a larger number of users and specific password management requirements, Samepage supports the following Single Sign-on services:

  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • GSuite
  • JumpCloud

To learn more about SSO in Samepage, please read this help article.

Users in one organization on Samepage cannot access data in another organization unless they have been explicitly invited as a member. Teams within a Samepage organization have 3 levels of security to guarantee that team content is only seen by those with proper access.

In the event you need a member of our security staff to access or export your Samepage data, we take every precaution in providing that service securely


At least once per day, all customer data is backed up in triplicate, encrypted, and stored within Amazon's S3 secure storage service.


Users also have the ability to store synchronized copies of files on their hard drives by using our Samepage Desktop App. Learn more about file synchronization with this article.


Video and audio conferencing in Samepage are built on WebRTC. This secures communications with end-to-end encryption, making it impossible to access data mid-route and listen in.

In summary...

If you're using Samepage for file sharing, task management, and communication, your IT manager will like you. Even if you still need to use other apps in your workflow, you can be sure Samepage is one of your strongest links in the chain.  If you have more technical questions about our security, please read this extensive help article.

Stay safe out there, and happy collaborating!